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PCOD - How Homeopathy Plays A Role In Treating It?

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PCOD - How Homeopathy Plays A Role In Treating It?

Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD) refers to the condition where multiple cysts are formed in the ovary. It is a hormonal disorder observed in women. The hormonal imbalance causes irregular menstrual cycle and makes it difficult for women to conceive.

What causes PCOD?
There are a number of factors responsible for PCOD; genetics, hormonal changes, insulin resistance etc. often play important roles in the development of the disorder. If you have someone in your family who’s had PCOD, then the condition may be inherited. When excess androgen hormones are produced in the ovary, it results in complications related to ovulation. According to experts, about 70% of women develop PCOD due to insulin resistance (when your cells fail to utilise insulin properly). As a result, the demand for insulin in your body increases. The excess insulin produced by the pancreas triggers over-production of male hormones, this hormonal imbalance being a cause of PCOD.

Early symptoms of PCOD-
Women diagnosed with PCOD usually encounter symptoms like irregular periods, excess hair on the face and body, dark patches on the neck, weight gain, frequent breakouts of acne and pimples. Over 70% of women with PCOD grow hair on the face and body. This excess hair growth condition is known as hirsutism. Due to excess production of male hormones, your skin becomes oilier and prone to acne breakouts. About 80% of women who develop PCOD are also obese or overweight.


Role of homeopathy-
Since the root cause of PCOD is hormonal imbalance, the best alternative treatment is homeopathy. Conventional treatment is directed towards the repair of PCOD symptoms but they only treat the condition for a short span of time. Moreover, it increases your dependency on certain drugs which may have side effects. Homeopathy, on the other hand, corrects hormonal imbalance and rejuvenates your body from within without having negative side-effects. Homeopathy drug Pulsatilla helps dissolve ovarian cysts and regularizes menstrual cycle. Thuja and Sepia are extremely effective medicines for PCOD accompanied by hair growth on the face. Conium is a safe, natural medicine used in homeopathy treatment and it works wonders for the removal of acne that manifests as a symptom of PCOD.

The benefits reaped from homeopathy medications are indisputable. Many women choose to go for homeopathy treatment in order to avoid further complications associated with ovarian cyst treatment. Homeopathy treatment results are positive and long-lasting. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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