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Painful Intercourse - Homeopathic Remedies For Treating It!

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Painful Intercourse - Homeopathic Remedies For Treating It!

Homeopathic medicines work with minute doses of natural elements. They work at the root level to get rid of problems that cause pain during intercourse. These include vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, and others.

These natural home remedies have no harmful symptoms or side effects, but they have to be prescribed by a homeopath only. They can be given to women of all age groups. Homeopathic prescriptions are best in treating cases of agonizing sex and bleeding after painful intercourse from vaginal dryness.

Homeopathic Medicines for Painful Intercourse

Here are a few effective natural homeopathic treatments that can help get rid of pain during intercourse. These natural remedies are non addictive and do not offer side effects.

  1. Sepia and lycopodium: It is the top homeopathic medicine for vaginal dryness lead to cause of painful intercourse. Sepia and lycopodium are evaluated as the best cures. Sepia is suggested where vaginal dryness occurs along with itching. Pain from vaginal dryness during intercourse also calls for the use of sepia.
  2. Bellis perennis: This natural homeopathic medicine helps cure the wounded sensation in the vagina if intercourse is obstructed due to pain and spasms.
  3. Cactus grandiflora: This is used when the vagina shuts close during the act of intercourse. Intercourse might be simpler just before periods.
  4. Coffea: This may be used when, if the vulva and vagina are oversensitive and you feel the heat as well as itchiness.
  5. Cuprum: This natural home remedies are prescribed for cramping in the vagina and the legs, during intercourse.
  6. Ferrum: When your vagina feels dry and aches, this homeopathic medicine may be prescribed.
  7. Gelsemium: This natural homeopathic medicine is used to treat any tension preceding intercourse. These symptoms usually show an inclination towards vaginismus.
  8. Lycopodium: Dry, smoldering vaginal pain during and after intercourse may be treated with this medicine. The patient may have varicose veins in the vulva.
  9. Platina: It is consumed during solid sexual desire. It becomes hard to have sex as the vulva is to a great degree oversensitive. Intercourse is difficult and causes wounded sensation.
  10. Rhus tox: Soreness during and after intercourse, regularly joined by physical fretfulness may be treated with this homeopathic medicine.
  11. Staphisagria: It is a good solution for pain after the loss of virginity or in occurrences of assault or rape.
  12. Thuja: This is ideally taken when the vagina is oversensitive, making intercourse painful and troublesome. Pains include smoldering, soreness, and a feeling of being wounded. It may be useful where there is a medical history of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) as well.
  13. Argentum nitricum and sepia: These are the best homeopathic medications for vaginal dryness causing bleeding after painful intercourse. There are numerous homeopathic solutions for vaginal dryness catering to bleeding during intercourse. The most well known among these is Argentum nitricum and sepia. Argentum nitricum is the most reasonable among homeopathic pharmaceuticals for vaginal dryness in situations where sex is painful and bleeding takes after intercourse.

Note: All these home remedies for painful intercourse after menopause are indicative, which one should not take without consulting a homeopathic consultant.

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