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Misapprehensions About Menstruation And Infertility!

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Misapprehensions About Menstruation And Infertility!

Infertility is always connected to the menstrual cycle, ovulation, and hormonal imbalance. Many women, unfortunately, have no idea about these and are filled with misapprehensions. Many women do not know that irregular periods and infertility are linked. If you have irregular periods, then you need to correct it first to ensure that you can get pregnant. Anovulation is the common reason for irregular periods and infertility. You can simply assume that irregular cycles mean that you are not ovulating, and infertility is resulting because of that.

Delusions of the dark blood: One of the common delusions of infertile women is that they think the menstrual blood is dirty. When their blood has clots, their fears reach new heights. Dark blood is completely normal during the menstrual cycle. Red hemoglobin pigment in the blood is converted to black hematin because of the pH in the vagina. When women are not aware of this and they think that this is the dirt built up in the uterus, and it prevents them from getting pregnant. Infertility is also connected with scanty menses by many women. They feel that the lack of flow is a sign that the bad blood is collected in the uterus. It has to be understood that the uterus of a woman has no space to collect blood. It can only magically expand to hold a baby. The flow of periods can differ from woman to woman. Even in women with no problems such as infertility and PCOS, the flow can be less. The fact is that women who have given birth do not bother about the quantity of blood flow. Many women are also not aware of the fact that the passage of blood and tissues are different. They feel they are miscarrying when there are clots and heavy discharge during their periods.

Eerie Endometriosis: Few women suffer from endometriosis. This is common in both fertile and infertile women. The inner lining of the uterus grows in abnormal locations in such cases, This can be also found in the ovary. When it forms a cyst, it is called chocolate cyst. The name comes from its tarry and thick appearance. When the doctor shows this on the ultrasound scan, many women are happy for they have found the reason for infertility, and can have a baby now when the cyst is removed. At times, the reason can be flawed, and even the doctor knows this. While a minimally invasive surgery can be performed to remove the cysts, there are additional factors that can cause infertility. So, don’t think chocolate cyst to be the sole responsible factor.

A complete set of investigations are recommended for both the male and female partners. This is the only way to find the underlying cause. Based on this a doctor can arrive at a solution. Your requirement for IVF or other treatment methods can be calculated only after this. Do not resort to products that claim to clean the uterus or strengthen it to lead to a pregnancy. Check with your doctor and undergo the tests advised by them. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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