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Menopause - How To Handle It?

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Menopause - How To Handle It?

Menopause sets in when a woman reaches her 40s or 50s. It is not a disease but a natural process, marked by the end of menstruation and fertility. Throughout menopause and its transition period, the levels of progesterone and oestrogen hormones in the body fluctuate, as your ovaries try to keep up with the normal levels of hormone production.
The fluctuation is what leads to symptoms of menopause, such as vaginal atrophy/dryness, hot flashes, painful intercourse, early grade prolapse, and urinary incontinence. However, there are various treatment options to manage these symptoms.

What is the right treatment to manage menopause?
A recent breakthrough in the treatment of menopause has been THERMiva. Used to treat skin conditions until now, this non-invasive procedure is considered an effective treatment for managing symptoms in women who are in their menopause. Collagen provides support and elasticity, which is why surgeons have been using this radiofrequency procedure to rejuvenate sagging skin of the neck and face. Now, the same is being used in the vagina and vulva. The heat generated from the radiofrequency device stimulates the area and regenerates tissues in and around the vagina. THERMiva also promotes natural lubrication, thus helping to ease vaginal dryness.

Can THERMiva Cure Symptoms of Menopause?
Non-surgical THERMiva could be your ideal treatment option, as it can help relieve symptoms of menopause. Studies reveal that the treatment is effective in curing signs like –

• Vaginal atrophy or dryness
• Thinning of the tissues around your vagina, which in turn, makes intercourse painless and comfortable
• Sagging of the vulvar tissues, which often leads to binding or discomfort from tight clothing
• Bladder leakage or minor urinary incontinence
• Lichen sclerosis – a degenerative condition affecting the vaginal area
• No or lack of pleasurable sensations in the vulva even when you are sexually stimulated

What to Expect from THERMiva Treatment?
Results are noticeable from the first session of the treatment. Reportedly, women who have not experienced pleasurable, comfortable intercourse in a long time have seen improvement in their sexual activities. Those who have been under medication for an overactive bladder have been able to live without them. However, results of the treatment vary from one person to another. Studies suggest that approximately 94% of women who underwent THERMiva for menopause have seen a drastic improvement in their condition.

To get the best results, patients are advised to undergo three sessions of THERMiva treatment at regular intervals. The results are long-lasting, but not permanent. You may have to go for the treatment a second time, after a span of 12-18months. It is best to have a detailed discussion with your doctor about your concerns before opting for the procedure.

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