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Lesser Known Causes That Can Harm Male Fertility!

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Lesser Known Causes That Can Harm Male Fertility!

Infertility is a rampant problem for men in India. While environmental and genetic factors are to blame partly for this, there are several other lesser-known causes for the same. Here is a look at some surprising things that can affect the sperm count.

Lesser-known causes for male infertility
If you are a male and looking to start your own family, ensure that you avoid doing the things mentioned below, as these activities may severely hamper your chances of becoming a father naturally.

  1. Keeping the laptop on your lap for prolonged periods. Research has indicated that this activity reduces the overall sperm count in men.
  2. Wearing pants that are too tight can damage the testes and interfere with its normal functioning. Ensure that both your underwear and trousers are loosely fitted at the crotch region.
  3. Sitting on a chair for hours at a stretch can increase the temperature inside the testes, thus destroying the sperm within. Similarly, taking hot water baths can also have an adverse effect on the fertility of a man.
  4. Excessive alcohol consumption, along with tobacco smoking greatly affects the sperm count. Avoid smoking and cut down the drinking to increase the sperm count and quality.
  5. Lastly, stress is one of the commonest reasons for infertility in both men and women. Deal with the stress by engaging in enjoyable activities or practice meditation daily.

Role of homeopathy in treating male infertility
Conventional forms of treatment for infertility may have numerous side effects, which is why homeopathy is greatly regarded in this regard. Homeopathy approaches the condition in a holistic fashion. It does not look to treat the infertility itself, but treats the underlying cause for the disorder. The all-natural form of remedy relies in the premise that like-cures-like. Since only natural ingredients are used in the homeopathic medication, there are no chances of side effects from the same.

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