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Laser Hair Removal - Make The Decision Today!

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Laser Hair Removal - Make The Decision Today!

There are many ways to remove your unwanted hair, some of them being shaving, tweezing and waxing. However, now there is laser hair removal as well. Laser hair removal involves having highly concentrated beams of light fall onto hair follicles. When this happens, the hair follicles absorb that light and the excess hair cells get destroyed. Read on to find more about laser hair removal:

Benefits: There are a some major benefits to laser hair removal as compared to other forms of hair removal. Here they are: 

  1. Permanency: When you opt for laser hair removal, after 3-7 sessions, the growth is very minimal and can be treated by maintenance sessions. In fact, laser hair removal is the only way to permanently remove hair which exists. Even if you wax, shave or tweeze, the hair will eventually grow back.
  2. Precision: It is much harder to not damage the surrounding skin with traditional methods of removing hair. With laser hair removal, you can remove hair, which are dark and coarse without harming the nearby skin.


  1. Eye and skin protection: The procedure starts off with the patient being given eye protection. This is so that the laser light does not damage the eyes. After that, a cold gel or special cooling liquid is given so that the laser light can penetrate the skin better.
  2. Testing period: The technician will then give a laser pulse to the area where hair is supposed to be removed from to ensure the right settings are used and also to make sure there are no adverse reactions to this form of treatment.
  3. Procedure and recovery: After the testing period, the hair will be removed and once it is done, ice packs and other anti-inflammatory creams and lotions are given to make sure that there are no adverse effects of laser hair removal after the procedure.

Recovery: Even after the lotions are given, there are some risks of laser hair removal, such as the skin will look sunburnt and sometimes even blisters may appear. In such cases, sunscreen can help prevent changes in the color of your skin.

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