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Hello, everybody, I am Dr Abhishek Parihar, I am fertility and IVF consultant practising in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad and Noida. Today I will be discussing about indications for IVF or who should go for IVF treatment. So as we all know that I will face now the household word, household word but not long ago it was a mysterious treatment for infertility where test tube babies were born. Let me tell you first IVF first done in 1978 in the United Kingdom and since then we're doing IVF in all parts of the world. It is never the first step in the infertility treatment when other treatment methods fail then only be resort to IVF treatment and only 5% of the couple suffering from infertility require IVF treatment. Originally IVF was invented for tubal diseases where a tubal block was present. But now it is very common to do for the treatment of IVF for other types of infertility also, where other method simple methods of treatment fail like fertility drugs surgery or artificial insemination like IUI. When these methods fail then we go for IVF treatment. I will tell you about the indications of IVF, first and foremost is tubal disease, tubal factor where there is a tubal block or maybe a pelvic condition may be there. So for this type of patients usually we have two options, the first option is surgery followed by natural try or IUI artificial insemination and but the problem with surgery and artificial insemination is that many times surgery may not be proper and also there is a risk high risk of ectopic pregnancy or pregnancy in the tube. The second option is IVF where we bypass the tubes and IVF is also an option where patient has already undergone tubal ligation procedure for sterilization and now they want to conceive IVF can be done. Another option is tubal recanalisation surgery, Second Indication is endometriosis usually for mild to moderate endometriosis simple methods are taken, are done like medical treatment, surgical treatment or artificial insemination. But for severe endometriosis IVF is the treatment of choice and third indication for treatment is male factor. These days advances are such that even with males with severe sperms deficit can become a father, so with the help of intracytoplasmic sperm injection that is ICSI procedure. So, this is also one of the advances another indication is unexplained infertility about 20% of couples, suffer from unexplained infertility and when simple methods like fertility drugs and treatment with artificial insemination fail, these patients can also go for IVF treatment. Another indication for IVF is age-related infertility, with is there is decrease number of hex that is quantity and quality of egg decreases with increasing age. These patients can go for IVF treatment, so that faster results are achieved. Another indication is anovulation or PCOS patients, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, where there is basically the problem is with the formation of egg and egg does not reach maturity, for these patients, IVF can be done. Usually, the first line of treatment is fertility drugs and artificial insemination but if these treatment methods fail, IVF can be done. The advantage of doing the IVF of PCOS patient is that best quality embryos can be placed inside. Another indication for IVF is fertility preservation, patients who are undergoing cancer treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, these patients can also go for IVF treatment where their eggs can be preserved for future. If you have any query then you can contact me through Lybrate or fix an appointment


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