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MBBS, DGO, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, Fellowship in IVF
IVF Specialist,  •  15 years experience
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Hi, everyone. I am Dr. Leena Yadav, a consultant IVF in Bourn Hall Fertility Center in Gurgaon. I would like to share some important inputs to you people for IVF and the embryos which we form in IVF.

Now, here I am going to talk about the Embryo, which is called Blastocyst. I don't know how many people are aware of it. But Blastocysts are embryos, they are Day-5 Embryo which we form and Blastocyst transfer has got a success rate which a day-2 or a day-3 embryo can not give you.

So, at Bourn Hall, we have specialized with IVFLab, which is equipped to form these embryos called Blastocysts.

What is the advantage of taking a Blastocysts transfer over a Day-2 or a Day-3 when you plan your IVF cycle?

Blastocysts are Embryos which are definitely healthier as compared to a Day-2 or Day-3 embryos because the only those embryos go to Day-5 which has got the capacity to have an Implantation. Definitely, if we focus on doing Blastocysts for you, we are focusing on the higher success rate of IVF cycle. Blastocysts are embryos which give good clinical pregnancy and which give you good take home live pregnancy rate.

So, at Bourn Hall, we focus on doing Blastocysts for the couples because our Andrologist and the team is completely trained and our lab is well equipped for doing all these transfers and these Blastocysts.

With Blastocysts, who have had multiple IVF failures, they have electively planned for the elective Blastocysts so that we can give them a good pregnancy rate after having multiple IVF failures. Also, Blastocysts are Embryos which have got fewer risks of abortion as they are healthy embryos and also they have increased chances of Implantation inside the Uterus.

I would definitely like if you all are in the problem of Infertility and you want to contact us for solving the problem of Infertility and further planning a cycle for you, you can please contact us through Lybrate and we will definitely be happy to share our inputs with you.

Thank you so much.

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