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IVF - What To Check Before Opting For It?

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 IVF - What To Check Before Opting For It?

IVF treatments can be physically, emotionally and financially draining. If you are considering IVF to help you conceive, here are a few things you should keep in mind before you embark on the journey:

1. Research the process before selecting a clinic
Before committing yourself to the IVF treatment, you should try to understand the treatment process and what is involved in each step. Thus being well-informed about the process can help you prepare mentally for the physical and emotional changes that accompany IVF treatment.

2. It can be very time consuming
The IVF process can be more like a marathon than a sprint in which there are no guarantees. For some couples, it can be successful after one or two cycles, while for others it can take a few years. It can be really disheartening for many women if it doesn’t work the first time, but that doesn’t mean it will never work. Still, it is good to discuss with your partner about how far you’re willing to go, both financially and emotionally, to have a baby.

3. Make sure you’re as healthy as possible
Being healthy, both physically and mentally, can increase the chances of success of any fertility treatment. Thus adopting a healthy, balanced diet and going on a suitable fitness program can be a good start towards your IVF journey. Women who drink alcohol more than 3 times a week and women who smoke have reduced chances of conceiving. Also, being medically overweight can also lead to complications in the fertility process.

4. Timing is key
Experts recommend that women should avoid starting fertility treatments during stressful periods, such as moving to a new job or while moving into a new house.

5. It is completely normal to be moody
Hormonal treatments such as the IVF process can make you quite moody because of the dramatic hormonal fluctuations caused by the different hormones being injected. Don’t be flustered or worried about sudden changes in your emotions during the process, it is absolutely normal to experience such changes.

6. The injections can cause some side effects
Two side effects of the IVF injections can be breast tenderness and abdominal bloating. The injections can also cause bruising at the site, but nothing too severe. Many side effects can mimic the symptoms of PMS that can go on for about 2 weeks or so.

7. It can take a toll on your relationship
Fertility treatments can be stressful for both the partners in a relationship and can even impact their sex life after the treatments. It is important to communicate with your partner about any problems or concerns you have instead of bottling up your emotions.

The most important thing to keep in mind while undergoing fertility treatments is to not lose hope. It may be very taxing both physically and emotionally and might take more time than expected, but the rewards are worth it.

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