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Infertility Treatment Prior To IVF

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Hi, this is Dr. Vidya Patil. I’m Obstetrician and a Gynecologist laparoscopic surgeon and infertility specialist.

Today the topic we are discussing is infertility treatment prior to IVF in females. So, there are women who are infertile and they do not conceive in the first year of marriage. Even when they have had a regular intercourse for a year , they need treatment. Simple infection of the cervix like a cervicitis or a vaginal infection can cause infertility and a routine examination by a gynecologist can treat these problems. The uterine problems also are very common these days and they include uterine polyps which can be easily removed using a hysteroscope. Uterine septum can cause abortions. These can be operated easily by a hysteroscopic resection of the septum.

Small fibroids can cause problems and early abortions which can be removed using a hysteroscope. There can be problems with the fallopian tubes and those include pelvic infections which can cause tubal blocks. Using a hysteroscope we can do tubal recanalination procedures. The distant tubal blocks which are caused by infections can be easily treated by Fimbrioplasty procedures done laproscopicaly. The ovarian problems like ovarian tumors can be tackled before going ahead with IVF’s, IUI’s and natural conceptions because ovarian tumors can interfere with a normal functioning of the female genetic urinary system. Infections of the pelvic organs like internal infections are called pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis which causes adhesions.

Like there are things which have stuck inside the abdomen which require removal and restoration of normal anatomy can be done laparoscopicaly very successfully and many patients have been pregnant just by these procedures. If these people are not conceiving besides all these operative work, then we go ahead and we do help them out doing intrauterine insemination where husband semen is washed outside and the best of sperms are picked up and instilled within the uterine cavity when the follicle is ripe and ready. If these procedures, say in a young couple where 7-8 IUI has failed, then this couple requires to undergo an IVF procedure.

Now IVF procedures are done where the eggs are retrieve outside and the embryos are found outside. They are also known as test tube babies and the embryo formed outside is instilled inside the uterine cavity and hence helping in the conception. Many a times there are fibroids which are not uncommon, there are uterine tumors and they are generally bening ( bening means non-cancerous) and if they are growing more than 5 cm in size, they need removal. But in infertility patients , the uterine fibroids are even as small as 2.5 cm needs removal in case they are a cause of infertility. All these procedures are done conservatively without any operative big incisions on the tummy and the patient can go home in a day or two.

So friends I hope you found this information informative and for further inquiries you can always contact me at Arya Women’s Hospital. I am Dr. Vidya Patil and you can contact me through Thank You!

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