Infertility - Know How It Can Be Treated

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I am Dr. K.D. Nayar, senior consultant, New Delhi. This centre is there since 2002 and currently, we are doing almost 1000 IVF surgeries annually with the success rate of around 40%. One year certificate training centre for IUI and IVF training. We are getting patients from India and from abroad who are coming to us to get treated for infertility and especially the cases of failed IVF in other centres.

In our centre, we have one of the most upgraded labs. We have got the time lapse machine from where we can monitor the embryo 24x7 and it helps in selecting the best embryo to be used for embryo transfer which can get implanted. We have laser also available to us which we're using for laser hatching which is also used for embryo transfer. All these techniques have helped us in improving our fertility rate. That is what the patients are looking at the end of the procedure. Besides this, the condition of IVF has also changed over the years. Right now we have many patients who are trying to conceive in later stages of their life because of the professional reasons.

Girls who are busy with their professional commitment, they want to postpone their pregnancy at a later stage. We are freezing their eggs at a younger age and using them at a later stage whenever they want the pregnancy. So the egg freezing is something which is catching up very fast and we are one of the few centres who are capable of doing egg freezing. Besides this, we are also one of the few clinics which is OHS free that is Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome. It is one of the rare complications but it causes a lot of discomfort in the patient. In our centre since the last seven years, we have shifted to such protocols so that we never have even a single case of OHS in our centre.

Another thing which we have started is that we are moving on to 3-course strategy. First is we take out the eggs, fertilize them and can create an embryo. Secondly, freeze the embryo and then we transfer it into the subsequent cycle. There have been recent reports that frozen embryo transfer gives a higher success rate and this is what we are seeing in our patients that frozen embryo transfer has a higher success rate. If you have any queries you can contact me through Lybrate portal anytime you want.

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