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In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

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Hello everyone.

I am Dr. Madhu Garg. I am working as consultant in Miracles IVF and Fertility Unit and today we will be discussing something about IVF. IVF is In-vitro Fertilization and in common language it is also known as a test tube baby. In IVF, what we do is we take out both the gametes the female gametes and the male gametes and they are fertilized outside the body and then the resulting embryo is placed inside the female uterus which results into pregnancy. So the first question arises is who all need IVF? Couples who usually need IVF have problem in conceiving of long standing that could be because of female factors or male factors. The male factors include a less count, when the sperms are not normal of morphology or their motility is less, or there is complete of sperms in ejaculate and in female factors when the female is having a high age which is more than 35 years and she is having less egg count and there are problems in the tube. The tubes are the structure which transport the eggs from the ovaries inside the uterus and then the eggs meet the sperms and result in fertilization. If there is some kind of blockage in the tube, the egg is not able to meet with the sperm and the pregnancy is not happening, so these couples they always require some king of assistance which is usually IVF. In IVF the process starts from your menstrual cycle. We do basic test involves the hormonal evaluation, ultrasound scan, the semen analysis and after going through all of your reports, we start you on hormonal injections. These usually start from day tow or day three of your periods and they are given regularly for the next nine to ten days on a daily basis. During these nine to ten days of hormonal injections we evaluate you after 4 to 5 days and then every alternate day to see how your body is responding to these injections and to titrate the dose of these injections, so during these nine to ten days your follicles grow and when the follicles are mature enough then on the last day we give you a trigger injection and after the trigger injection, 35 to 36 hours after this injection we schedule your ovum pickup. For this pickup you are admitted to the hospital for a daycare. That means you are not having a night stay in the hospital. The stay is only for two to four hours and you have to come fasting 5 to 6 hours and under general anesthesia, we do a transvaginal ultrasound guided pickup. So the needle is passed through vagina and there is no cut or mark in the abdomen. All the eggs and the ovaries are aspirated outside and then the embryologist examines all the fluid which is aspirated and he checks whether how many eggs are present, what is the quality of these eggs and then he takes the decision of performing IVF or ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) with male sample. In IVF what is done the eggs are placed with healthy sperms and then a natural process of fertilization is allowed. But in patients where the semen factor is less and morphology is less, the motility is less even, even a high-grade, a higher version of IVF is required which is called ICSI. In ISCI, every egg is injected in one sperm in the cytoplasm and not all patients need ICSI that is the decision of embryologist after seeing the semen sample. So these embryos which are formed after fertilization. They are left in laboratory for 3 to 5 days and after their growth in the laboratory they are transferred back to the uterus of the female and that transfer is very simple procedure which doesn’t require any hospital admission and not does it require any anesthesia. After getting the embryos transferred you need to get hormonal support for the next 15 to 16 days and then the pregnancy test is done. So IVF pregnancy is equally as good as an actual pregnancy. You don’t need any extra care, neither any cesarean delivery is required nor no special care is required during the pregnancy also.

So this is the basic what IVF is, who all need IVF and that is done under the cycle so the procedure is different according to your requirement and what you need and what is the best produce so you have to consult the doctor then you have to decide. So thank you everyone.

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