In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

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I am Dr K D Nair, Senior Consultant, Akansha IVF centre. The centre was established in 2002 and we are there for almost 18 years. Right now we do 700 to 800 IVF cycle every year. We have a success rate of over 40 to 45%. Generally speaking, infertility is affecting 15% of the population. That translate into a huge number considering our population. And whenever the infertile couple comes to us we begin with counseling, history taking and plan investigation according to the need. 30% of the cases are because of the factors in husband, 30% cases are there because of the factors in wife 30% because of the factors both in husband and wife and around 10% remain unexplained. We don’t find any reason. Once we take history to start investigating them. Investigation starts with husband semen analysis. We have to check if he has got he can give a proper semen sample and if the semen sample has normal count mortality as per the WHO 2010 criteria and along with that, we start investigating the wife also.

Look for her general health and especially look for her ovarian reserve by AMH which we are doing for all our patients. Once we have investigated them and decide to go for IVF. The IVF procedure starts from the first or second day of the menstrual cycle. The wife will receive injection for 10 to 12 days and in between, she will come for ovulation monitoring. The ultrasound is done on day 5 day 7 day 9 day 10. By day 10 the follicles are ready. To take them out under a short procedure which is done under anesthesia lasting for around 10 15 minutes. The same day we take husband’ sperms. We ask him to give a semen sample, collect the sperms and wash them and after collecting the eggs we put each egg in a small dish and put the sperms also in this dish so that the sperms can fertilise this egg. And this dish is kept in a controlled atmosphere of CO2 which is incubator.

And after 24 hours we check whether it has been fertilized or not and then follows further growth. Day 1 it becomes 2 cell day 2 it becomes 4 cells like day 3 become 8 cells. Generally, we will have to take most of the embryos to day 5 that is blastocyst because blastocyst gives us a better implantation rate. And after doing embryo transfer which is again a very short procedure lasting for 3 to 4 minutes, it is done without anesthesia. The patient goes and takes some withdrawal sport and we again ask them to come 14 15 days after the embryo transplant to check the pregnancy test. Like this patient which we have shown has come back after 14 days of embryo transfer and today have visited tested positive. Akansha IVF Centre is one of the most advanced centre in Delhi. We have got the facility for doing sperm extraction from husband like Tesa & Tese. We have the facility of doing muside freezing embryo freezing blastocyst freezing.

We have the facility of time-lapse of the embryos. Once we put the embryos in the incubator we can monitor them 24 hours by this time-lapse monitoring. Which gives us a better choice – we can choose the best quality embryo to be transferred. So all these facilities they give us an edge over other centers. Patient can have all these facilities here under one roof. You see there are a lot of IVF centres mushrooming in Delhi. When we started our IVF centre there was 6 or 7 centers in Delhi, now there are more than 100 IVF centres in NCR. It’s good that these centres are catering to the infertile population. But the centre must be working in an achievable way. Should be transparent and patient interest should be always priority. And that is how we are succeeding. The patient who comes here gets attached to us forever. She comes with her first conception, she delivers, she will come back for her second conception and not only this our patients are our biggest brand ambassadors.

They are the one who refer other patient to us and that is our USP of our centre. The patient who is referring other patient to us. Over a period of time we have grown we have developed a big team we can say Dr Minal Dr Sweta Dr Manika and doctor, they are all there with me. We work as a team but all the procedures have to be done under me under my supervision. Patient is always given the best opportunity to conceive. That is our motto that patient should be given the best opportunity to conceive.

Thank you.

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