Hysterolaparoscopy In The Management Of Infertility

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I am Dr. Sonali Tawde. I am a practicing gynecologist and fertility specialist. Today we will discuss the role of Hysterolaparoscopy in the management of infertility. Hysterolaparoscopy is endoscopy procedure where we put a small telescope in the abdominal cavity to check the female reproductive organs like uterus, the fallopian tube, the ovaries and the surrounding tissues. This is usually indicated in cases of fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory diseases, tubal pathologies like tubal blocks, ovarian cyst, complex cyst, tubo-ovarian masses.

Some cases of unexplained infertility where the simple treatment measures do not help to achieve the pregnancy they may also go for Hysterolaparoscopy. Hysterolaparoscopy alone usually deals with the legions in the endometrial cavity like septum, adhesions, submucous fibroids or polyps. Some cases of severe adhesions like Asherman's syndrome or weak submucous fibroid may need a secondary or a relook hysteroscopy.

Those patients who are going for IVF may or may not need a laparoscopy but usually, hysteroscopy is indicated in such cases. Especially if they have a history of recurrent implantation failure or repetitive miscarriages. This procedure usually requires modern equipment, skin surgeon with expertise and a very good OT setup. So if you are going for this procedure, please check if you are doing it at the right place and in the right hands.

Hysterolaparoscopy definitely plays a crucial role in the management of infertility. But before that, it is always better to discuss with your fertility specialist or gynecologist that what are benefits and risks involved in this procedure in particularly your case.

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