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How to Reverse Infertility?

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I am Dr. Aarti Kulkarni practicing ayurvedic gynecologist in Tani.

Today we are going to discuss about gynecological problem which is infertility. so what is infertility in women? Basically the women are unable to conceive even after one year of unprotected relationship or unable to carry the pregnancy till 9 month it is called as infertility. What can be the reasons for female infertility. it may be because of ovulation problems that is PCOD, irregular periods etc. can be because of endometriosis anatomical factors, uterine factors and age related problems and the most common, one of the common reason of infertility is tubal block. Then why tubal block causes infertility? Because the fertilization occurs in the fallopian tubes. That’s why if the tubes are blocked then the conception becomes difficult. So what are the reasons for tubal block? So it can be because of vaginal infections. The ascending vaginal infections can cause swelling in the tube and it results into hydrosalpinx. Hydrosalpinx, basically alters the normal movement of the tube and hence it, the tube becomes unable to pick up the egg timely and hence infertility. then infection of tuberculosis. Then tubalendocolsis can cause the tubal block. Then what are the investigations. How can we diagnose a tubal block? It can be diagnosed by sonography which is sonosalpingography., can be diagnosed by x-ray that is. Hysterosalpingography. Or by laparoscopy. Than what is the basic ayurvedic treatment for tubal blockings? In some selected cases the utara basti helps a lot. What is utara basti is intrauterine instillation of sterile oil or ghee. It can be done after 4 to 5 days of menstruation. It can be done for 3 to 5 days. And the medicine, the ghee or oil can be decided as per the patient or as per the disease. Then basically apart from that the preconception ayurvedic treatment helps the women to carry healthy pregnancy. What is the factor regarding preconception ayurvedic treatment is preconception consoling, ayurvedic medicine and panchakarma. Panchakarma is basically vaman that is induced vomiting. Verachan that is induced purgation. Nasia that is insulation of sterile ghee or oil in the nostrils, tehn rakhta motin that is blood lating or leash therapy and the most important is basti. So basically this preconception ayurvedic treatment is also much much more helpful in BOH patient. Means recurrent pregnancy loss. When the pregnancy, two or more than two consecutive abortions occurs it is called as recurrent pregnancy loss. So what are the causes of recurrent pregnancy loss is it can be because of infections. TORCH an infection, which is toxoplasma, Rubella, Cytomegalovirus and herpes. It can be because of coromonsoal abnormalities. It can be because of immunological. Immunological means when the pregnancy occurs when body recognizes that the pregnancy as a foreign body and rise to expel it out. And hence abortion. Then hormonal deficiency, the progesterone harmonies in the early pregnancy is the major support of the pregnancy. If that hormone is low, maybe because of nuclear phase deficiency, because of PCOD, because of irregular period’s anovulation the pregnancy can result into abortion. And some anatomical effects for example, small uterus, and the septum in uterus like that, but there is anatomical defects can be corrected surgically but if there are, these four factors present, than the preconception ayurvedic treatment helps a lot. Than last but not the least, stress and anxiety treatments. This is the most neglected part of infertility treatment but according to ayurdedan cheerful minds form the bases of pregnancy and it is of prime importance in conception. That’s why ayurvedic medicine, with the ayurvedic medicine relaxing therapy like massage, head massage, like abiyangam, then steam, then netradarpam, netarawasti, then sherodhara, sherodhara is continuous spurring of medicated oil or medicated detoxing, or medicated milk or butter milk on the forehead. So this forms the basically the preconception ayurvedic treatment. So I you want to know more.

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