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How To Live Healthy With HIV?

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How To Live Healthy With HIV?

To be healthy with HIV : Get the help of family & friends.

(1) If one has HIV, can he have a child?
Those who wish to have a baby cannot be obstructed by HIV. There are many options available for them.
A lady with HIV should consult her doctor for safe conception. There are medicines available during the conception, pregnancy & delivery & to the mother & infant for 6-12 weeks that can be taken to reduce the chances of HIV in an infant from 40% to 2%.
For a HIV infected male the short time medicines known as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis may be given to his wife so that she will be protected against HIV which will reduce the chances of HIV in newly delivered baby also.

(2) The knowledge required for HIV & Pregnancy.
If a lady having HIV is pregnant, she must consult her doctor immediately.
If HIV infected pregnant lady is not under medications, the treatment should be started at once. If medication is there, she should inform her doctor about the pregnancy.
The gynaecologist to accomplish the delivery should also be informed about HIV infections so that he will take care to medicate the infant to protect against HIV.
If wife is HIV positive & husband is not than the conception should be planned with proper care & planning & some safer method which will protect the husband against HIV & still can hope for conception. Doctor should be consulted for more information & guidance.
If husband is HIV infected & wife is not than some medicines are to be availed for some time which is known as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis by the wife to protect from HIV & for successful conception.

(3) Can HIV infected person marry?
Yes. He can marry.
It is true that HIV & physical relations are worth worrying but by adopting some safety measures like use of condoms for every relation, keep faith mutually & fulfilling the responsibility mutually, happy marriage life is possible.

(4) What does it mean by Surrogating?
It means that generally HIV infected person looks for the HIV infected life partner. Though both the partners may be infected, the condoms shall be used for every relation which is necessary for the protection against other venereal diseases.
To be safe, one should discuss open heartedly about the safe ways of physical relations & should adopt the necessary safety measures. The doctor or counsellor may be consulted for more guidance.

(5) Meaning of Mixed status couple:
Mixed status couple means any one of the partners is HIV infected & the other is non HIV. Mixed status is known as cero discordant couple. This type of couple has to suffer some typical types of problems especially about the physical relations.
Every couple should try to keep the other partner safe from HIV. There is high risk of HIV infection for this type of couple & they should keep utmost care to prevent the infection.

(6) What is the need of discussion between the partners?
For any mixed status couple it is necessary to have a frank discussion between them about the physical relations & the risks involved in that. The couple may not be normal during their physical relations due to misunderstandings & worries imposed due to HIV positivity. However they can have embraces, can kiss freely or can touch without any risk of HIV infection. This will help to establish the intimacy between them. Many people avoid the physical relations, kissing, embracing & touching due to the fear of HIV infection. This may cause damage to the intimate relations. The physical needs & the understanding of the relationship may change with time. These problems may be solved either by discussions or by the help of a doctor or counsellor.

(7) What does it mean by safe physical relations?
One can have safe relations with the partner by using condoms. Condoms provide protection against HIV. By regular use of condoms, the risk of HIV can be minimised. If one is under regular treatment of HIV, he is to have very low virus & hence the chances of transfer are also very less. If the condoms & medicines both are used, the risk of HIV infection is practically nil.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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