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How To Control Craving For Food During A Weight Loss Regimen?

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How To Control Craving For Food During A Weight Loss Regimen?

Taking up a strict weight loss regime and sticking to it can be tough at times. Cravings for food distract people the most during a weight loss programme – and most times, these cravings resulting in you grabbing an unhealthy snack. However, there are ways to overcome cravings. 

The following tips can help curb your cravings when you are looking to lose weight – 

  • Consume Water
    If you are craving a specific food, drink water. The craving will disappear slowly. Water is also beneficial for health as it reduces appetite, increases metabolism, burns fat and removes the waste materials. When you are feeling the urge to drink tea, coffee and soda, you should consume a glass of water, as it will decrease the total liquid calorie intake in the body.

  • Have a proper diet plan
    You should not keep too much gap between your meals, as it will increase the craving. Do not skip any meal. If you are feeling hungry, eat some healthy snacks like almonds, mixed nuts, red bell peppers, etc.

  • Avoid getting stressed
    Sometimes people start consuming more food when they are under stressful situations. Stress also increases the blood levels of the cortisol hormone, which is responsible for weight gain. You should practice meditation to decrease stress. It will eventually curb the cravings.

  • Keep yourself away from all kind of distraction
    Your food cravings usually have a pattern. You have to recognize it and act accordingly. You should keep away from all kinds of fast food for some days. Eventually, it will become a habit and you can keep your cravings in check.

  • Consume protein and vegetables
    You should include lean meat, beans and green vegetables for lunch and dinner. Spinach extract is also very useful for weight loss as it reduces appetite and delays the digestion of fat. Starting a day with a breakfast rich in protein keeps the body full throughout the day and eventually curbs cravings.

  • Do not get sleep-deprived
    Proper sleep is important for the body as lack of it results in disruption of the fluctuation of hormones in the body. It eventually leads to poor appetite and the body starts craving for food. 

  • Practice Portion Control
    You may start craving for food more if you completely deprive yourself of it. So try consuming it in a moderate amount.

Craving for food is one of the main problems for a person who is trying to maintain a proper diet for weight loss. Nevertheless, it can be avoided by adopting these measures.

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