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How Marriage Counselling Solved Infidelity?

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Dr. Nisha Khanna 88% (54 ratings)
Ph. D - Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi  •  19 years experience
How Marriage Counselling Solved Infidelity?

This is one of the complex cases of relationship and marital issues which we dealt with counselling.

Rahul and Anjali as a couple approached to us for their relationship issue, where they wanted to get married. Rahul was the CEO in his company, while Anjali was a junior consultant in the same office. They have been dating for 6 years, where Anjali is a divorcee and Rahul is already married to Tina. Due to this, several issues raised with his extramarital affair with Anjali.

Since the past 6 years due to his job, Rahul spent a lot of time with Anjali, and as their intellectual matched, especially because of the same chosen profession, the friendship turned into the affair in no time. They started going out together, to various restaurants, movies and even booked room for themselves in fancy hotels during their trips.

Anjali was aware of his marriage throughout and yet wished to be with him at any cost. She wanted to marry him either with a no objection letter signed by Tina or convincing Rahul to convert to Islam, where he would easily get married to her without any legal hassles.

As the counselling sessions progressed, Rahul in an individual session said that Anjali is quite clingy, possessive and deeply in love with him. Rahul also reported that he tried getting out of the relationship several times. Anjali emotionally blackmailed him, mutilated herself through various ways and even threatened him about committing suicide, which made him afraid to do so.

During Anjali’s initial individual counselling sessions, we observed that she is emotionally unstable and had a history of futile relationships and failed marriage. She even lost her father during early childhood and was raised by her mother. After the divorce, she is the sole bread earner of the family with a lot of responsibilities.

We had individual counselling sessions with Tina also. During these counselling sessions, we got to know that Rahul and Tina have been together for about 18 years, involving 8 years of courtship and 10 years of love marriage. They also have a child of 9 years old. Tina is a homemaker; she got married after her graduation, where her entire life now revolved around Rahul and his joint family. For the last two years, Tina had been aware off about her husband’s extramarital affair, due to which their marriage suffered a lot. In their marriage, they had serious understanding issues from the beginning.

Further, during a couple counselling session, Tina conveyed to Rahul that she is ready to leave him forever along with the kid and happily give divorce to start a new life with Anjali. But Rahul said no for divorce.

We also did a conjoint session with Anjali and Rahul, where they desired for three of them to live happily in future under one roof after Tina’s written consent for the marriage.

During a group session with three of them, Tina made it clear to them that she won’t give the NOC and Rahul has to make a choice amongst them, and it was either his family or his girlfriend. To which Rahul was certain that he didn’t want to leave Tina and his child at all. Anjali was very desperate of being with him, so she begged Tina for allowing her husband. But Tina was assertive on her part.

Later, Tina got pregnant, which brought a positive hope in their marriage. Rahul took a stand for his family and started drifting away from Anjali. After Tina’s pregnancy, it was evident to Anjali that she did not play much of an importance in his life. She threw a lot of tantrums; it was difficult for her to accept the reality until quite long and ultimately gave up.

At present, Rahul is well settled back with Tina and two kids. He is running his own venture now. Similarly, Anjali has also moved on and is happily married to someone else.


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