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How Does Stress Affect The IVF Outcomes?

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How Does Stress Affect The IVF Outcomes?

Issues with conception and long periods of trying to have a baby without much success do take a toll on couples. Apart from buying several fertility and pregnancy tests, the overbearing thought of infertility treatments and their expenses can also be quite stressful for a couple. While the concept of stress and how it affects each individual may be different, the one commonality is that it does affect every couple that undertakes this journey. There have been enough studies about stress affecting the results of an IVF and there seems to be some agreement that stress does not affect the outcome one way or the other.

  1. Overall well-being: Stress is definitely a problem for our overall well-being but there is little to worry when it comes to the success of your IVF cycle. Well, thanks to that there is one less thing to worry about. Since there are quite a few things you worry about once a cycle has been completed, the common thing you will hear from everyone around you is to de-stress. For one thing, the drugs that go with such treatments make everything so much more magnified and hence every small thought is magnified ten-fold while on the treatment.
  2. Stress in combination with other habits may be affect outcomes: While stress can delay a successful outcome, it will not completely stop you from getting pregnant. However, this stress coupled with several bad habits or problems can lead to issues which may not help in this journey. For instance, sleep can play a huge role in keeping you healthy and in the right condition to get pregnant. So, if you are having sleepless nights thanks to long and stressful meetings, it is time to rethink your schedule. Your lack of sleep may be combining with the stress to prevent a successful IVF cycle.
  3. Unhealthy Eating: Stress is a big trigger for unhealthy eating and most people do tend to binge eat when they are stressed. IVF and the medications associated with it can keep you on the edge as far as stress is concerned and it is very critical to eat healthy while you are attempting to get pregnant. Obesity and weight gain can be a serious impediment as far as successful trials are concerned. It is not only females but males can also be seriously affected by obesity. The sperm count can be drastically low in those that are overweight.

A healthy amount of exercise, a healthy diet that is rich in iron, minerals and fatty acids, a happy and positive attitude can go a long way in helping you in the process of getting pregnant.

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