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Homeopathic Treatment For Skin Diseases

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Homeopathy Doctor, Noida  •  20years experience
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I am Dr. Gagandeep Singh Ahuja practicing Homeopath in Noida, Sec-37, 61 & 48. Today we are going to talk about skin disease and homeopathy. Skin is the largest organ of the human body present itself many skin diseases. Skin is the mirror of the what is infecting under the skin. Most of the skin disease is because of the internal disorders. Most of the internal organs and system when get effected show the symptoms of itching, burning, redness, boils and blisters etc. So, the major cause behind all the symptoms could be autoimmune disorders. Autoimmune disorders are mainly that whether new system get affected by psoriasis. So, the disease rises when immune system gets affected. Next is hyperimmune system. Immune system is getting hyperactive resulting into urticaria, eczema, dermatitis. Another disease that we go through is boils, fungus infections, eczema.

These all come under hyper immune system. Another skin disease related to that is hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance takes place when the hormones get affected due to some of another diseases resulting into chloasma, melasma, vitiligo. Skin disorders due to thyroid disorders which all comes under hypopigmentation which all comes under hormonal imbalances. My approach towards skin disease, we remove the cause to treat the disease.

We remove the cause from inside. We treat the disease as per the pathological treatment by homeopathy. We combine the various homeopathy combinations and give you according to the pathology of the disease. For example, we have the thyroid disorder, we treat thyroid disorder and the related skin diseases. So, we treat the skin disease from the dipper level so that disease should not reappear again. So, we use a different kind of combination of homeopathic medicines and we treat from inside not from outside. Request everyone to take the homeopathy as the primary course of medicines as it can help you to remove the skin disorder from inside and permanently. You can contact at for further appointments.

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