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Height Growth without Age Boundaries!

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Height Growth without Age Boundaries!

Increase height without age boundaries!

I Would like to share some facts on Height Growth

Height growth is controlled by various factors such as growth hormones (HGH ) 

Our bone does not grow from anywhere ( The growth ocurs from a certain location) called Epiphysis plats

As age advances the Production of HGH(Human Growth Hormone is Dimnished - But not completely Vanished)

The epiphysis plates start to close ( But do not emerge comletely , the fusion of bone is a slow process it takes several years)

This means we can increase height by stimulating Our Epiphysis plate ( Growth Centre) and Growth Hormone (HGH) Naturally to increase Height 

Lets share some more facts about Height Growth
The production of growth hormone is maximum during first two hours of our sleep
Overeating reduce the level of growth hormone in our body
A proper diet is very must to increase height
We have seen height increase even after 40's and 50's with natural therapy


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