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Health Effects of Snoring

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Here are some health effects of snoring 

Hi I’m Dr. Rajeev Nangia, senior consultant ENT. Today I’ll be talking on a very important and common topic- Snoring. It is taken to be a very common thing but now it has been proved scientifically that there are a lot of bad effects of snoring too. It is caused by obstructive sleep apnea, whenever there are obstructions in the upper airway then there is a reduction in the oxygen levels to the body which leads to further effects on the body and can cause hypertension, diabetes, and weight gain and even affect your heart and can seldom lead to sudden death.

We should not ignore snoring but rather should always go for a complete ENT examination followed by a nasal endoscopy followed by a sleep test. It is nothing but while you’re sleeping we just attach some instruments and note the apnea and the hypopnea plus we note the oxygen levels and other things. So then we evaluate the severity of the sleep apnea whether it is in the mild, moderate or severe category. If it is mild then we can change our habits or we can reduce weight and other things, we can get over it.

Moderate or severe category can be a serious problem because sometimes people can have a daytime sleeping pattern and have a road accident which can be fatal. So for the moderate we have two things basically: we can either operate which is known as UPPP operation and or we can go for the BiPAPS but for severe category we have to go for the BiPAPS and for any other thing regarding snoring or its problems, you can consult me at this wonderful site called Lybrate or can consult ma directly online.


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