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I am Dr. Major Gen. K S Rao, Pediatrician. In every hospital, the pediatric department is very essential. We should always have a good and trained pediatrician who all are there to look after the children. When the growth and development of the children have been looking after for the children. We also see the nutrition part of the children. Parents think that this is not good or that is not good for kids to eat. They think that a particular thing could be allergic to their kid so they should not eat as they will become allergic. You should not start giving enough protein to the kids. By giving enough nutrients to the kids, they can really grow well. Whenever kids are going to school, they should always have enough thing to eat. They should meet their 30-40% of the calories through breakfast.

By the time kid will reach to his, he will complete 100% of the calories. Whenever you are looking at your diet, you should always meet your all vitamins and minerals requirement. Vitamin D3 and calcium are most important. By the time the child reaches 2-3 years, the hemoglobin will fall rapidly and it might be round about 10-11. The kid also may suffer from iron deficiency. And because of that, they may suffer from anemia. So, we should start the iron supplementation from the age of 6-8 months. Calcium and vitamin-D3 supplementation can also be given. In most of the children, we see that vision is not as accurate as it should be. It gradually reaches 6/6 by 5-6 years. And that is the only reason that they start reading after 5-6 years of their age. As the child grows, their growth also takes place. Then 2nd growth takes place at around 8-10 years. Soon they start to reach their main height.

Purposely and perpetually you have to see all these growth factors in your kids, always give them the best advice. Their behavior, and rest other things also get change. Kids also learn good habits. Following with the adolescent age starts, this age is the confused stage. This child is just 14 years of age. He starts observing the things and they do not know what is happening to their body. Initially, they are fat, suddenly they start changing themselves. They change mentally, physically and emotionally. Otherwise, they are also not able to understand the changes what happens in them especially the sexual growth. But it may happen that a girl will start liking a guy who is having the attitude kind of her father then she has to be told what is wrong and what is right. There are 14-15% of the adolescent who has become pregnant. So, if you want to protect them, you have to give them complete knowledge about everything. Sex education is a must for all children. If the adolescent age group is looked at very well, it may result in various problems. Drug addiction is another thing which is one of the most dangerous habits which is seen in children and there are a lot of people who are an anti-national element who will come and sell drugs to the children. So, whenever you see that kids are behaving in a different way, you should always see what is wrong with them and catch those people to punish them.

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