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Dr.Vandana Gupta 87% (82ratings)
MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Delhi  •  35years experience
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I am Dr. Vandana Gupta, senior obstetrician and gynaecologist. I want to let my friends, my patients know that we can save our uterus until the very end. The rising rate of uterus removal is because of our lifestyle disorders and these lifestyle disorders have their initiation when we are very young. So a girl who is 12-14 years old when she is starting her periods, if she has any ovarian disorders which lead to disorders of your periods, they have to be taken care of right then and there. So we can have a healthy uterus when the lady turns 40. The number of pregnancies a lady carries that includes all her abortions as well. That is what determines her gravity, that is the number of children or the number of pregnancies is the uterus has carried. Suppose the lady has three children and she had three abortions, the uterus counts them as 6 pregnancies.

So when the diseases of the uterus come when you are 40+, they will come according to 6 pregnancies. So you have to take care that you are healthy right from the very beginning and once the diseases of the uterus have come don't pass it on as a passing phase. From 40 to 50 anytime the lady can have menopause. This is the time we call as peri-menopausal time. This is the time when the problems of hormonal disorders pickup and they aggravate her problem. These are the problems if taken care of in very early stage, I can assure you that 80% of the cases we can save the uterus; provided we examine the lady and we investigate her and initiate the right treatment at the right time.

We can save her uterus so that she does not have to get her uterus removed for excessive bleeding or maybe small fibroids also. The moment the lady achieve her menopause these diseases subdue as the hormonal trigger has gone up. We just have to abide by the time that the lady crosses her 50 years of age and she has taken care of these disorders naturally and thus we save her uterus. At times the lady keeps on bleeding beyond 50 years of age. That is also not considered to be healthy. She has to be seen by her gynecologist if she is having even her normal period beyond 50 years of age because then she becomes a very high case of someone suffering uterine diseases and maybe even cancer in uterus and she might have to take her uterus out before cancer develops in her.

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