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Factors That Contribute To The Success Of IVF!

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Factors That Contribute To The Success Of IVF!

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is a form of technology that aids in assisted reproduction. While more people are turning towards this technology because of the results that they promise, not everyone sees the same results. If you look at the process, it seems quite simple. Here, a sperm and an egg are manually combined outside the body and then inserted into the uterus. It is almost impossible to accurately gauge how effective will this procedure prove to be for you, but there are factors that can affect the outcome of such a procedure-



  1. Age: The older you get the tougher it is to get the right outcome but it is not right to judge the success rate based on this factor alone. Age should be used as a factor only in conjunction with other factors or problems that you may be experiencing. Over the years, the age factor has steadily risen and this is thanks to the technology getting better. So, the technology is capable of helping you get pregnant and age should not restrict you.
  2. Earlier Pregnancies: If you have had successful pregnancies earlier, and have carried a baby to term, then the chances are quite high for a successful IVF procedure. However, on the other hand, failed pregnancies or miscarriages can reduce the chances of a successful IVF but you should not rule out IVF automatically as well.
  3. Fertility Problems: There are several common problems such as uterine abnormalities, fibroid tumors, ovarian dysfunction, length of time being infertile which can be treated quite effectively using the IVF technology. While statistically it is commonly seen that when people struggle with infertility issues over a period, the technology is progressively getting better and therefore each individual situation or problem should be carefully assessed before coming to a conclusion one way or the other.
  4. Lifestyle: One of the biggest problems that women of this generation face are lifestyle issues. So, issues such as obesity, smoking or excessive drinking can severely affect your chances of becoming pregnant. While smoking can age your ovaries much quicker, obesity can affect your menstrual cycle and ovulation. Smokers will need more cycles of IVF to be successful while being obese can also make it difficult for you to carry a baby to term.
  5. Clinic and the doctors: There are several fertility clinics and you should pay close attention to some things such as the experience of the doctors in the clinic, their success rates over the years and the types of patients they accept.

Getting pregnant through this technology can be stressful. So, look for the best clinic and professionals to better your chances of success! In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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