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Dysphagia Or Difficulty In Swallowing!

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Difficulty in swallowing solids or liquids is called dysphagia.
• Enlarged tonsils.
• Cancer of the oral cavity.
• Fungal infection of the mouth.
• Cerebro-vascular accidents.
• Motor neuron disease [a nerve disorder].
• Myasthenia gravis [fatigue and exhaustion of the muscular system with progressive muscular paralysis].
• Parkinsonism [a group of neurological disorder marked by diminished motor activity, tremor and muscular rigidity].
• Pharyngo-esophageal diverticulum [pouch/sac].
• Pharyngeal pouch.
• Post-cricoid web.
• Achalasia [failure of the sphincter at the junction of the esophagus and the stomach, to relax].
• Diffuse esophageal spasm.
• Abnormal course of subclavian artery.
• Oesophagitis.
• Peptic stricture.
• External compression from mediastinal masses.
• Dilated left atrium [chamber of heart] in mitral stenosis.
• Difficulty in swallowing solids or liquids or both.
• Nasal regurgitation or cough, while swallowing.
• Difficulty in swallowing when watched by others [in Parkinsonism].
• Sensation of fullness in the middle of the chest with a feeling as if the food had stopped somewhere along the esophagus.
• Regurgitation relieves pain and fullness in the centre of the chest.
• Cough.
• Need to drink water while eating.
• Can lead to malnutrition.
• Treat the cause.
• Eat soft, semisolid or mashed food, which is easy to swallow.
• Consume soups – vegetable, tomatoes, and green leafy vegetables etc.
• Have fruits juices, sugarcane juice, buttermilk, and milk.
• Make different porridge- wheat porridge, rice porridge or lentil porridge etc.
• Boil food properly and then mash it so it's easy to swallow.
• Try to make different varieties so all nutrients are consumed to prevent malnutrition.
• Eat small quantities of food at regular intervals.
• In severe cases where food is supplied to the body through food pipe,feed different varieties of soups, porridge and juices.
• Do not speak while eating.
• Eat your food very slowly.
• Chew the food well.
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