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Common Cause of Infertility in Males

Dr. Richika Sahay Shukla 92% (938 ratings)
DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology), MBBS
IVF Specialist, Delhi  •  18 years experience
Common Cause of Infertility in Males

Common Cause of Infertility in Males

Medical causes:

Problems with male fertility can be caused by a number of health issues and medical treatments,we at India IVF Clinic have best treatment of male infertility. Some of these include:

• Varicocele


• Ejaculation issues

Antibodies that attack sperm

• Undescended testicles

• Hormone imbalances

• Sperm duct defects

• Chromosome defects

• Problems with sexual intercourse

• Certain medications

• Prior surgeries

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