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Chronic Kidney Disease - What Causes It?

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Chronic Kidney Disease - What Causes It?

Gradual failure or slowing down in the functioning of the kidney is known as chronic kidney disease or chronic kidney failure. The basic function of the kidney is to filter the waste and also all the excess fluids in the blood which is eliminated through the urine. So, when this process does not happen in the way it should, then that stage is kidney failure.

When this problem reaches an extreme stage such as when it is not able to eliminate the waste and excess fluids, they get accumulated in the body. If the damage is bad, then the kidneys fail. If both the kidneys stop working, then you will need a kidney transplant or dialysis to survive. The treatment of chronic kidney failure involves slowing down the damage to the kidneys and that can be done by controlling what is causing the kidneys to stop functioning.

Here is the list of some causes of chronic kidney disease:

  1. Diabetes is one of the two main reasons for chronic kidney disease. The filters of your kidneys will get damaged due to too much sugar in the blood. As time passes, this will affect the kidneys as well and they will not be able to do their job properly. They will not be able to filter the waste from the body. The first sign of kidney damage is traces of albumin protein in your urine. Usually, when the kidneys are healthy, you will not have this problem.
  2. Another reason for chronic kidney disease is high blood pressure. The blood vessels in the kidneys will be damaged due to high blood pressure and that will damage the kidney functioning. That means, when the blood vessels are damaged, the waste and excess fluids from the body will not be filtered in the right way. Now, in turn, excess fluids will increase the blood pressure and that becomes a cycle.
  3. Any kind of genetic disorder can also cause chronic kidney disease. A cyst will grow inside the kidney and affect the functioning.
  4. Any kind of infection caused to the kidneys can also affect the functioning of the kidney and that in turn gets worse.
  5. Taking drugs which can be harmful to the kidneys can be a reason for chronic kidney disease.
  6. Lead poisoning or any heavy metal poisoning can be a reason for kidney failure.
  7. A family history of kidney diseases can also be a reason for chronic kidney disease.
  8. Age can also be a reason for kidney failure. People with age above 60 years are more prone to kidney failure.

Kidney disease or kidney failure is permanent and it cannot be undone. But through the right diet and following a few cautionary steps, one can keep the kidneys healthy for a long time.


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