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Change In Behavior At Teenage - Know More About It!

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Change In Behavior At Teenage - Know More About It!
Change In Behavior At Teenage - Know More About It!

Every individual has different experiences at every stage of life. However, the most difficult stage of life is considered to be teenage. This stage is usually marked between the age of 13 and 19. During teenage, an individual goes through many changes that include hormonal, physical, social and emotional changes, identity problems, and conflict with adults and parents. 

Teenage is exciting as well as a roller coaster stage of transition from childhood to adolescence. At this stage, teenagers discover and develop their unique skills and personality traits. However, this stage comes with many challenges. It’s important for teenagers to understand what they are going through and why.  


The physical signs of development include growth of pubic hair, height, menstrual cycle and growing breasts in females, and nocturnal emissions and voice deepening in males. Their bodies become stronger and coordinated, which helps them in physical activities. 

Teenagers develop complex and abstract thinking which makes them feel invulnerable and get involved in high-risk activities. At this stage, teenagers bond with their friends and peers for emotional support and get involved in conflicts with parents as they feel misunderstood. They are more concerned about their look and identity which make them self-absorbent. This situation also makes them hyper-aware and always on-guard.

Problems Faced by Teenagers

During teenage, one can face many challenges such as being independent. It is important for teenagers to become independent which makes them a fully- functioning adult. Independence helps in exploring the identity and growing a firm sense of the behavior, thoughts patterns, and developing reasonable boundaries. 

Sexuality is another challenge which mostly all teenagers face. As their bodies go through various major changes, it is important for them to understand those changes and make wise decisions about their bodies, including intimacy. 

Teenagers are at higher risk of becoming drug addicts. They are the easiest target for drug dealers and other negative influences because of their mental and emotional vulnerabilities. For teenagers, their friends and peers are really important as they connect with the same age group and get along with them easily.

Parent’s/Adult’s Responsibilities

Teenage stage is not only difficult for the individual, but also for their family members, especially parents. Scolding and punishing can make situations worse for the teenager. Hence, it is important for the parents to talk to their children about the changes the teenagers are going through, make them aware of their behavior calmly, give them responsibilities, discuss their decisions and opinions, help them explore their strengths, and give them space to talk about anything. They can also take the help of the psychologist to help understand their children.


Teenage is a crucial stage in one’s life not only for teenagers, but also for their parents. It is important to understand the process and challenges teenagers are going through. Teenagers must share their problems with their parents and parents must listen and advise them on their decisions.

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