Cautious Signs In Newborn!

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Cautious Signs In Newborn!

A newborn baby goes through numerous changes while he or she gets used to life in the outside world. These adjustments almost on all circumstances go quite well. Still, there are certain warning signs, which parents must watch out for with their newborns. The signs include the likes of:

  1. They might not urinate properly and on a regular basis
  2. There could be no bowel movements for 2 days.
  3. The newborns could frequently get affected by fever
  4. They could breathe much faster than normal, which might be 60 breaths per minute.
  5. Colour of the skin might become bluish, which may not go away easily.
  6. There could be a retraction of ribs while taking a breath

When To Seek Medical Attention

Now that we have looked at the danger signs in newborn babies, parents should understand under what circumstances they need to seek medical attention.

The reason is that out of the conditions mentioned in the earlier segment, there are a number of instances, which are quite usual for newborn babies and tend to fade out with the passage of time. Still, there are certain situations, which should be taken seriously and a paediatrician must be consulted. Those situations include:

  1. Newborns refusing to eat or drink quite regularly
  2. When they suffer from fever with temperatures hovering above 100.4 degrees.
  3. Vomiting tendencies, which do not allow him or her keep fluid within the body.
  4. Have an unusual feeling of lethargy
  5. The emergence of rashes all over the body
  6. Seizure

What Should Parents Do In Case Of Situations That Require Medical Attention?

The tips that parents should follow in situations that need medical attention for the newborns:

  1. Do not panic but stay calm
  2. Do not waste time and call on a paediatrician immediately
  3. In case the doctor is not available, get in touch with an advice nurse or any doctor on call to receive the first piece of advice.
  4. Be clear about the danger signs that you have come across so that you can communicate those properly to the attendant.
  5. Act on the advice that they provide after listening to the problems.

Ways To Recognize Danger Signs

Let us now take a look at the ways through which parents can recognize danger signs in their newborns. The tips include:

  1. You see that your newborn baby is not waking up
  2. He or she is not showing any movement
  3. The lips have become blue or grey in colour
  4. The newborn baby is breathing faster than normal
  5. The stool carrying mucus, blood or foul smell
  6. The baby’s skin seems to be yellow in colour
  7. The newborn is crying from time to time
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