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Can Ayurveda Help With Fertility?

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Can Ayurveda Help With Fertility?

Infertility is a condition when a woman fails to conceive even after a year of unprotected regular sexual intercourse. If she is unable to carry the baby to term, it’s called infertility too. Mankind has made giant leaps in curing this condition. But something’s still lacking. This is where the ancient healing system of medicine Ayurveda comes in.

There are a number of reasons for infertility we know women can’t get pregnant if their partner’s sperm count is low or if they have obstructions in their reproductive system like blocked fallopian tubes or fibroids etc. But Ayurveda goes beyond all these. According to it, infertility arises when “shukra dhatu” which produces eggs in women and sperms in me, is weak due to lack of proper nutrition which may happen as a result of poor digestion, lack of balanced diet or due to a presence of ‘ama’ or toxins in the body.

Ayurveda also prescribes that sexual indulgence and promiscuity can cause infertility due to the decrease in shukra dhatu. Ayurvedic fertility enhancers

For men:

  1. Kapikacchu: A potent antioxidant, this medicine reduces oxidative damage to sperm. It is also an aphrodisiac and helps increase sperm count.
  2. Gokshura: Contains a precursor to testosterone, and thus improves sexual desire and sperm production.

For women

  1. Ashoka: It stimulates the endometrium in uterus and ovaries and aids ovulation.
  2. Lodhra: Cures female disorders which stop conception and increase levels of reproductive hormones like FSH and LH essential for conception.
  3. Shatavari: Nourishes ovum and increases fertility because it contain estrogen –like compounds.
  4. Gokshura: This herb is helpful for both men and women. It helps cure erectile dysfunction and is very effective in improving sperm count and motility. Whereas in women it works as a fertility tonic that stimulates the ovaries and thus cures PCOS, a leading cause of infertility in women.

What Ayurveda recommends is eating a diet rich in foods like ‘ghee’, milk, almonds, walnuts, sesame and pumpkin seeds to improve health and thus shukra that. Since ‘vata’ dosha is closely connected to the reproductive system in women, it should be regulated for proper ovulation. And so should be extra stress and worry in both men and women.

Other ways to cure infertility, especially in men, is to wear loose underwear, so that ‘pitta’ is controlled and the sperm production is good. This also ensures good quality of sperm. Ayurveda should never be practised by self. Always consult an expert who will prescribe the right medicines for infertility. Doing everything in balance is crucial too. So be mindful of what you eat, think, watch, read and eat right and develop a healthy body for getting rid of infertility. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an Ayurveda.

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