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Briefing On Infertility

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Hi, I am Dr Greeshma, I am consulting physician in VCC Ayurveda. So today I am going to speak about infertility, what is infertility. Infertility according to WHO is the inability of the couple to conceive after having regular intercourse for a period of 1 year. So, who all dependent like there are equal chances for male and female and it can happen in both the couples’s infertilite, in some cases. So the main causes for infertility in females are like PCOD then uterine fibroids, endometriosis then hormonal imbalance due to stress or due to hypertension, diabetes. In males, it can be due to low sperm motility or low sperm count or due to lot of stress in work again hypertension and diabetes can also be factors. So what we do here in VCC for infertility is. In Ayurveda there are 4 things which are very much important for conception namely Rutu, Kshetra, Ambu, Beeja, so, Rutu is the climatic condition inside the uterus of a female and the uterus itself is a important factor for conception then Ambu is the nourishment which has to be provided for the foetus and Beeja, Beeja is the sperm in male and over in female which is important for conception. So there should be main important sins given for both physical and mental health of both the partners. So there are various treatments in Ayurveda which we do, so namely like first, Virechana can we administer in the patient followed by Basti and uttar basti and then few medications that is therapeutic diet is given to the patient. So in Virechana a particular amount of medicated ghee is given for 4 to 5 days and then snehana, snehana is medicated oil is used and the whole oil is applied over the body in 7 different posture followed by sudation therapy. So in sedation the patient is made to sweat profusely so that whatever veshitted doshas or toxin is there it will come to the GIT and from there a treatment called as Virechana it is done, so that the medicated ghee or avleha or medicated churan is given so that the patient will start Pagination. So what happens is all these procedurse helps in detoxification of the body and there is also stress, a very important factor which can leave to infertilities, so we have treatments like Shirodhara which will helps in relaxing the body. So within going to like so many painful treatments like IVF or having some hormonal therapies in allopathy which will have a lot of side effects a couple can always approach first in Ayurveda. As we have very good treatment here in Ayurveda, so I suggest to all the viewers and I highly recommend Ayurveda for any queries or any consultation you can contact me on Lybrate. Thank you.

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