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Benefits of Amaranth Grain And Its Side Effects Tips

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Can Yoga Boost Your Immunity? Read More To Know

Dr. Usha Lalwani 90% (81 ratings)
MD - Pharmacology, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
General Physician, Ahmedabad  •  6 years experience
Can Yoga Boost Your Immunity? Read More To Know

Yoga has been touted amongst the best and most effective, time tested and natural way to eliminate various diseases and problems with the body as well as the mind. It is an antiquated craftsmanship that strengthens the body as well as relaxes the brain with the right dose of mindfulness as well. Yoga tends to stimulate the nervous system and the endocrine, digestive and circulatory systems and improve the functioning of the same.

The postures mentioned below affect at least one of these systems, thereby clearing the path for a strong immune system. These postures are as follows:

  1. Shishuasana (child posture): Shishuasana is a phenomenal stance that de-congests the abdomen and constructs a superior and stronger immune system.
  2. Setu Bandhasana (bridge posture): Setu Bandhasana opens the heart and enhances the blood flow. It increases the energy in the body to build a strong resistance against pathogens.
  3. Halasana (plow posture): Halasana is a pose that requires a backward bend. It discharges white cells in the body and strengthens the immune system.
  4. Bhujangasana (cobra posture): Bhujangasana is a mid-section opening posture which discharges white cells that enhance the body’s resistance.
  5. Dhanurasana (bow posture): Dhanurasana is yet other posture that enhances the flow of white cells by putting weight on the working of the digestive system.
  6. Matsyasana (fish posture): Matsyasana stretches the abdomen and chest and strengthens the thymus. This enhances the body's invulnerability level.
  7. Vinyasa Adho Mukha Svanasana (flowing downward facing dog pose): Begin with the plank pose, palms lying on the floor just underneath your shoulder and extend the legs backwards. The whole body should form a straight line like a board. Taking a full breath, lift your hips off the floor. Hold yourself on the hands and heels. Your head needs to point towards the ground. Take full breaths, two or three times, as you hold the position. Breathe out a deep breath, relax and return to the plank posture. Gradually bring down your body. Slide your hands backwards, allowing your palms to rest alongside the chest. Toes need to be in contact with the mat or the floor.

Yoga is a holistic routine that strengthens the body physically and also mentally. Subsequently, the body’s immune system additionally enhances in such a condition. A sound life can be effortlessly accomplished if we figure out how to embrace a healthier way of life, healthy food decisions, and standard routines of yoga and meditation. Ayurveda, yoga and meditation are the perfect variables to carry on with a sound life.
Yoga is not an alternative option to medicines. It is a careful step to keep infections under control. Along these lines, one need not sit tight waiting for the seasonal flu to affect the body because it can be cured effortlessly with yoga.

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How Addiction Can Ruin Your Life?

Dr. Amol Kelkar 88% (10 ratings)
MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Akola  •  3 years experience
How Addiction Can Ruin Your Life?

Addiction can be considered as a behavioural change where a craving for something specific intensifies to such an extent that the consequences are ignored. Addiction controls the brain by diverting it in such a way that it registers only pleasure and does not give any importance to other standard drives like motivation and learning. In general, breaking up an addiction is difficult, but it is not impossible and with strong determination, addiction can be broken.

Effects of Addiction
In general, people are subjected to addiction will not have self-control over what they do. If addiction is not treated or diagnosed on time, it may reach harmful proportions. Addiction is not only related to consumption of drugs and alcohol. It may include other habits too, that cannot be controlled. Sometimes even having a particular craving for a fruit or a vegetable can be termed as an addiction. Among other things, the most harmful can be the usage of drugs, sexual pleasures and other effects that over a period of time can become uncontrollable.

How a person can get addicted?
A human brain registers all types of pleasures in the same way they register a joy from a psychoactive drug, sexual encounter, monetary rewards or a satisfying meal. When any of these things happen, the human brain releases a neurotransmitter dopamine in the nerve cells. If these habits become regular, the enzymes will be released in high quantities leading to the addiction problem.

Drugs usage leads to addiction within a short period of time. Consumption of almost all types of drugs, starting from nicotine to heroin leads to a powerful surge of dopamine in the nucleus accumbency leading to high addiction. Addiction is not exactly a disease, but it is a condition that can occur at any age. It is likely to occur more during the young age where the required maturity is yet to be gained. So it is advisable to be careful during your adolescent period as this is the time when you are more vulnerable.

Various medical tests can diagnose addiction. People subjected to addiction can be treated easily by proper medications and therapies. If addiction is in the initial stage, it can be quickly addressed by counselling process, and if it is severe, then the counselling sessions along with certain medications are needed to curb the addiction habit.

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Cholesterol - What Should You Do To Control It?

Dr. Saurabh Juneja 87% (242 ratings)
MBBS, Master of Surgery - General Surgery, Magistrar Chirurgiae (Cardio-Thoracic Surgery)
Cardiologist, Faridabad  •  28 years experience
Cholesterol - What Should You Do To Control It?

Cholesterol is one of those terminologies that need a clear and fresh understanding, right from scratch. It is nothing but obvious and common for you to primarily know about the ill effects of cholesterol and what it does to your body; from increasing the risks of cardio-vascular diseases to adding to your waistline. However, it is time we all got a fresh perspective on what cholesterol is.

So, to start off, what is actually cholesterol?
It is waxy substance produced by the liver which plays an important role in the proper functioning of the cells, digestive process and synthesis of Vitamin D in the body. As cholesterol is a fat based substance that does not dissolve in blood, it is transported, throughout the body, by a protein called the ‘lipoprotein’. The lipoproteins that carry cholesterol are of two types: Low-Density

Lipoprotein (LDL) and High Density Lipoprotein (HDL)

Why is LDL ‘bad’?
LDL is known as ‘bad’ cholesterol as it is responsible for plaque formation that reduces flexibility of the arteries and tends to clog them.

Why is HDL ‘good’?
HDL is known as the ‘good’ cholesterol because it gets rid of excessive LDL from the arteries and transports them to the liver where they can be broken down. Too much of bad cholesterol in the body can lead to clogged arteries that may result in stroke or a heart attack. Now that you know that too much LDL cholesterol is bad for you, you need to keep it under control while raising the good cholesterol (HDL) levels.

In order to do that, you need to make certain modifications in your lifestyle.

Some of them can be:

  1. Eat foods that are good for the heart: Avoid eating saturated fats and trans-fats as they raise LDL levels in the body. Instead, choose foods that are rich in the heart healthy monounsaturated fats such as almonds and olive oil. Also, include foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids such as fish oil; these fatty acids increase HDL levels in the blood.
  2. Exercise regularly: Exercise not only helps you to lose calories but also increases the good cholesterol levels in the body. Aim for 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises in the form of brisk walking, running or cycling to keep your heart muscles healthy.
  3. Stop smokingSmoking can cause the blood vessels to narrow down, thus increasing blood pressure, owing to the constriction of the blood vessels. Quit smoking right away and your ticker will thank you for it. Remember to limit alcohol consumption as well.
  4. Maintain optimal weight levels: It’s time to get rid of all the excess fat from the body, especially the visceral fat (abdominal fat). Obesity increases the risk of heart diseases and also has a negative effect on the cholesterol levels.
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Infertility - How IVF Can Help?

MBBS, DGO, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
IVF Specialist, Navi Mumbai  •  24 years experience
Infertility - How IVF Can Help?
Men suffering from infertility can also choose the IVF process. True or false. Take this quiz to know more.
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Mujhe pcod hai. Dr. Ne dornis 30 prescribed kiya hai. BT how to use that? Period k first day se 21 day lane k bad 7 gap karke 8 day se kya new pack start karna hai? Yaa 21 days k bad 6 day gap karke 7 days se new pack start kare? please Dr. I am confused help me.

MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Delhi  •  22 years experience
Mujhe pcod hai. Dr. Ne dornis 30 prescribed kiya hai. BT how to use that? Period k first day se 21 day lane k bad 7 g...
Start taking dronis 30 from 1st day of cycle, take it daily for 21 days. Take it at the same time each day. After completing 21 tablets give a gap of 7 days. From 8th day start a new pack.
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I have blackheads on my knows I want to know how to remove it or is there any cream to remove it.

Dermatologist, Chennai  •  19 years experience
I have blackheads on my knows I want to know how to remove it or is there any cream to remove it.
Blackheads, Acne or pimples. Due to hormonal changes. Oily skin causes it. Common in adolescent age. May occur in adults also. Food like Oily foods, ice cream, chocolate and sweets increase it. Treatment depends on the grade of pimples or acne. So, please send photos by direct online consultation as it's a must to see which grade of pimples or acne for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
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Hello everyone, I would be needing a diet for getting fit not getting slim. And please let me know how many times can we eat outside including those junks and drinks? Please include every detail if possible many thanks, divya.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha  •  33 years experience
Hello everyone, I would be needing a diet for getting fit not getting slim. And please let me know how many times can...
You should not eat outside including those junks and drinks at any cost. DIET PLANS –WEIGHT LOSS 1200 Calorie Vegetarian Indian Diet Plan Menu To Lose Weight By following this menu guide, you will be able to restrict your food consumption to just 1200 calories to 1300 calories a day and thereby you will feel lighter after a couple of weeks of following this weight loss diet menu. The vegetarian diet menu is as follows: Early Morning (7 Am): o A glass of lukewarm water with lemon (0 calories). O A cup of tea with skim milk, no sugar and 2 biscuits (90 calories) Breakfast (8 am): o 2 Wheat Rotis or chapattis + ½ cup of Paneer gravy (tofu is better) (330 calories). Or o A plate of brown bread upma and a cup of skim milk (300 calories). Mid Morning Snack: (10: 30 am): o A banana or 20 Grapes or ½ cup melon (50 calories). Lunch (1 pm): o 1 cup of brown rice (200 grams) + ½ cup mixed vegetables + one small bowl of Raitha + 1 bowl vegetable salad (345 calories). Evening (4 pm): o Butter Milk 1 glass or 1 cup (35 calories) Dinner (8 pm): 2 Chappatis or Rotis + 1 bowl of Vegetable Soup + 1 bowl of salad (370 calories) The total calories you will consume in this vegetarian diet is about 1220 calories. 1200 Calorie Non Vegetarian Indian Diet Plan Menu For Weight Loss If you are a non vegetarian and do not like to eat a lot of vegetables to lose weight, then there is no need to worry. You can also lose a considerable amount of weight by including non vegetarian dishes in your daily menu. The following is the non vegetarian Indian diet plan for weight loss. Early Morning (7 Am): o A glass of lukewarm water with lemon (0 calories). O A cup of tea with skim milk, no sugar and 2 biscuits (90 calories) Breakfast (8 am): o 2 Slices of brown bread + 2 hard boiled eggs (290 calories). Or o 1 Slice of brown bread + 2 scrambled egg + 1 cup skimmed milk without sugar (310 calories). Mid Morning Snack: (10: 30 am): o A banana or 20 Grapes or ½ cup melon or fistful of almonds or walnuts (50 calories). Lunch (1 pm): o 1 cup of brown rice (200 grams) + ½ cup mixed vegetables + 100 grams of chicken (boiled or stir fried in olive oil) + 1 bowl vegetable salad (360 calories). Evening (4 pm): o Butter Milk 1 glass or 1 cup (35 calories). Dinner (8 pm): 1 Chappati or Roti + ½ cup of Lentils dal + 50 grams of fish (rich in omega 3 fatty acids) + 1 bowl of raitha (380 calories). The total calorie that you will be consuming a day by following this non-vegetarian diet menu is around 1225 calories. By following this diet plan, you will be able to lose weight by eating all your favorite foods. You do not need to do rigorous workouts and just need to do mild exercises to enjoy weight loss with this diet. If you are looking to lose weight within a short span of time, then the 1200 calorie diet plan will help you to shed extra kilos by making a little bit of adjustment to your lifestyle and diet. Top Healthy Vegetable Juices for Weight Loss There is no doubt that consuming fresh vegetables and fruits will help you to stay healthy and fit and these foods are considered to be an excellent replacement for your daily meals. Juicing the vegetables is also an excellent way to shed the excess fat that you are carrying on your body. It is one of the most easiest and effective ways to lose excess body weight and it is also loaded with a lot of nutrients. The vegetable juices will help in cleansing your body, help in weight loss as well as boosting your metabolism. It has been found out that drinking a glass of fresh vegetable juice every day will help in losing weight quickly as juice gets easily absorbed by the body than eating raw vegetables. The following are some of the vegetable juices that you can consume for effective weight loss. 1. Carrot Juice Carrot juice is rich in dietary fiber and is also very good for improving eyesight. It will help in promoting higher levels of testosterone and thereby helps to reduce the body fat. Carrot juices will also help in improving the body’s self defense mechanism apart from losing excess weight. Taking a glass of carrot juice every day after a gym session will help in keeping your stomach full till lunchtime. 2. Beet-Root Juice Another important vegetable juice that will help with weight loss and must always be part of any weight loss diet is beetroot juice. It is full of nutrients and contains no cholesterol or fat. It will help you to burn more calories while exercising and will also give you the strength and stamina to go for rigorous workouts. Beet-root juice has high fiber content and has nutrients that will make you feel full all day long. Drinking a glass of beetroot juice for breakfast everyday morning will help in providing you with the necessary soluble and insoluble dietary fiber as well as improve bowel movement. 3. Cabbage Juice Cabbage is one of the vegetables that is very low in calories and it just contains 16 calories per serving. Cabbage juice is highly beneficial for people who are looking to lose weight quickly. It will also help in boosting the self defense mechanism of the body. Regular consumption of cabbage juice will help in reducing the risk of developing diabetes disease as it is rich in Vitamin C and anthocyanin. Cabbage juice will help in cutting down your craving towards salty or sugary foods. You can drink this juice any time before or after meals or even as a snack replacement. 4. Cucumber Juice This juice is highly effective in reducing weight. Cucumber juice has diuretic properties and helps in removing fat and toxins from the body. Cucumber juice helps to break down the fat from the body and eliminates it through urine. Drinking cucumber juice helps to increase the metabolic rate of the body which is important for attaining weight loss. It refreshes the body and provides you with a glowing skin and clear complexion. If you are suffering from acidity, heartburn or stomach ulcer you will get relief by taking this juice. You can drink cucumber juice before each meal to control reduces your appetite or you can have them in between meals to keep your stomach feel full. You can mix some carrots in this juice to make it tastier and healthier. 5. Celery Juice If you are to shed the excess weight from your body, then celery juice is the best option. The overall caloric content is very low and it helps in reducing cellulite formation in the body. It reduces the puffiness of the body as it acts as a diuretic. This juice is rich in fiber and contains vitamins, antioxidants and minerals which are necessary for the proper health. It helps to control the cholesterol level and prevents digestive problems. This juice is effective in preventing calcification in the body and prevents the formation of stones. Vegetable Juices Benefits 1.Consuming vegetables in the form of juices will help in taking in more vegetables than what a normal person can eat. 2.These juices will help in improving the digestive system by providing a soothing and healing effect. 3.As these juices have high levels of dietary fiber, they will aid in weight loss. 4.It will help in controlling your hunger pangs and will make you feel fuller. 5.It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants. This will help in improving your immune system. 6.These juices will help in improving the pH levels of your body and thereby will help in boosting the energy levels of your body. 7.These juices will help in controlling cholesterol as it does not have any saturated fats or sodium in it. 8.Drinking vegetable juices three times a day is said to lessen the chance of a person to develop Alzheimer’s disease.
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#MeToo - How Does Sexual Harassment In Companies Affect Mental Health?

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
General Physician,  •  3 years experience
#MeToo - How Does Sexual Harassment In Companies Affect Mental Health?

#MeToo movement has caught most of the attention because of Bollywood celebrities who have spoken about the sexual harassment they have faced in the past. However, the #MeToo movement has made a big impact on corporate culture as well. People are coming out and sharing stories about how they have faced or witnessed sexual harassment at the workplace, mostly at the hands of their bosses.

Most of them chose to keep quiet at that time, due to the usual fear of society and the risk of losing their job. But this movement has given courage to them, and now more and more people are coming out and sharing their own #MeToo stories.

Impact of #MeToo on Corporate

As a result, corporates are rushing to rein in the situation. They are working on first of all sensitizing the employees about what Sexual Harassment is, and what it isn’t. Also, they are trying to set up proper mechanisms in their organizations to deal with this. Even though there is a law around it, Prevention of Sexual Harassment in workplaces (POSH); most of the times it is poorly implemented. Anticipating more scrutiny from authorities around this, and also to boost employees' confidence, finally, companies are working overtime to address this issue.

Impact of #MeToo on Mental Health of Employees

A dark side of #MeToo is the impact that it has on the mental health of employees who have to face this. If they choose to stay quiet and don’t report it to anyone, then this leaves a permanent fear in their mind. Instead of reporting, they try to avoid the perpetrator of sexual assault. Sometimes it also leads to low self-confidence, as the victim might tend to think that they are responsible for what is happening to them. In some severe cases, sexual harassment at the workplace has led to employees suffering from mental disorders like depression, anxiety, stress, bipolar disorder, etc. Some of them have even gone to the extent of harming themselves or even committing suicide.

So, corporates are working overtime to specifically address the following:

  • Educating employees that what constitutes workplace harassment. For example, a boss might make a lewd comment on the dress of an employee, without realizing if it is right or wrong. So, training employees are the first step towards it.

  • Secondly, they are trying to set up cells within the organization, which are sufficiently empowered to deal with these issues. Such cells also give confidence to employees to open up if they face sexual assault.

  • Finally, instead of trying to hide such incidents, corporates are now proactively taking action against the perpetrators. In some cases, this has even led to the firing of CEOs.

#MeToo has spread a lot of sad stories around. However, there is a positive side to it, at least in workplaces. Corporates are now becoming more vigilant about workplace sexual harassment, and this should hopefully lead to much lesser such incidents in the future.

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Sir I was beaten by a mosquito and I have no fever after it for 5 hours does it confirmed that I have not beaten by a dengue mosquito.

BAMS, MD - General Medicine
Ayurveda, Navi Mumbai  •  17 years experience
Sir I was beaten by a mosquito and I have no fever after it for 5 hours does it confirmed that I have not beaten by a...
Window period may be upto 7 days, so wait for few more hours and look for symptoms and consult Dr. nearby Dr. if required.
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Dear sir I am amit dwivedi from banda and my problem is my face. Sir.i have acne and my skin is oily and most problem is dark spot in my face. So what can I do. Plz.

MCh - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Delhi  •  8 years experience
Dear sir
I am amit dwivedi from banda and my problem is my face. Sir.i have acne and my skin is oily and most problem...
Hello. There are many and effective options available for your type of skin, there are various lightning chemical peels, and a q switch laser which can help your dark spots. Kindly consult some plastic surgeon who can help you with this. Good luck.
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I want a diet plan to reduce weight. I am IT professional and working in rotational shift. My lunch and dinner timing is not fixed, it depends on how I get free time during my duty. So can you suggest me a better diet plan to reduce some kilos. I started cycling from last week.

Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science (DNYS), bachelor Of Science in Nursing
Yoga & Naturopathy Specialist, Gandhinagar  •  6 years experience
I want a diet plan to reduce weight. I am IT professional and working in rotational shift. My lunch and dinner timing...
Loose or gain weight is mainly depend on calories consultation, Burn and balance means Metabolism. Rest of depend on Lifestyle, diet, nature of job and exercise. Take plenty of water and juices specially rich in vitamin C n Antioxidants like lemon, Orange, pineapple, papaya etc. Start mild to moderate exercise incline aerobic, anaerobic, yoga & meditation. Increase Proton portion in diet. Reduce Carbs and fatty food. For systematic and Proper Guidance you are advised to book an appointment so I can get prompt results. Your feedback is important to us. Have a happy n healthy day ahead.
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My weight is increasing very last 1 year my weight is increase my 20 kg .i had tried all exercise, dieting etc but unable to loose weight. Is there any kind of safe surgery to loose 30-40 kg weight in 2-3 months. My age is 24 and weight is 90 kg. I want to know the complete info about the surgery, pros and cons, effects, cost etc.

Ditetics & Food Service Management, Bsc Human Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Indore  •  6 years experience
My weight is increasing very last 1 year my weight is increase my 20 kg .i had tried all exercise, dieting...
Hello, No need to surgery, we can reduce weight easily in natural way, in 3 month we can reduce approx 8-10 kg in healthy way. Our target is more but we can achieve. We need your self afford. We have many results of weight loose, they need same as your target. So don't go in surgery direction. Now start taking small meal in frequently. Include high fibre and protein rich food. Exercise also you have to start at least 2 hour daily basis.
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Skin Problems

Homeopath, Delhi  •  25 years experience
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There are a plethora of skin problems which include itchy skin, skin bumps, rash, skin fungus or infection, etc. These issues can create a lot of problems in the daily life of any person. Proper treatment with the help of a specialist is must to treat and prevent such problems.

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