Bedwetting: Treatment, Procedure, Cost And Side Effects

What is Bedwetting? How do I stop my child from peeing the bed? What does bedwetting mean psychologically? What is bedwetting a sign of? Is bedwetting a sign of anxiety? At what age is bedwetting abnormal? Is bedwetting inherited?

What is Bedwetting?

Bed-wetting refers to when a person, irrespective of his age, looses on bladder control during the night. Bed-wetting can be found a quite uncomfortable issue. For children, Bed-wetting should not be seen as a sign of bad toilet training, rather it’s normal as it is considered as a standard nighttime bladder control developmental stage for some children. For adults, it can be a symptom of hidden illness or disease. Bed-wetting can be reduced or controlled with the help of a few lifestyle changes, bladder training, moisture alarms and sometimes medication too.

How do I stop my child from peeing the bed?

Though, bed-wetting habit in children is normal but still treating it at an earlier age may avoid several embarrassing situations later in life. To make your child help to get rid of bed-wetting habit, you can take a few steps :

  • Increase liquid intake earlier in the day and decrease it later in the day.
  • Schedule your child's bathroom breaks, for instance every two to three hours during the day and especially right before bedtime.
  • Give your child a water bottle to take it to school to drink water at regular intervals thought out the day in order to avoid excessive thirst after school.
  • Constipation may be a reason for children for bed-wetting
  • Don’t wake up your child to urinate as regular waking him up may become a habit for him and it may lead to more sleeplessness and frustration.
  • Resorting to punishment wont probably help him to get rid of such habit

What does bedwetting mean psychologically?

In the case of Bed-wetting, psychological factors aren't the exception. Bed-wetting can be a symptom of psychological stress and possibly trauma, both inside and outside the home. Significantly, psychological factor is more likely to play a role in the case of adults than in children. Although, according to some experts, bed-wetting isn't caused by stress, but stressful behavior can make bed-wetting worse.

What is bedwetting a sign of?

Bed-wetting can appear to be a sign of a hidden medical or emotional problem. The human body increases urine output in order to get rid of sugar. In adults, frequent urination is a common symptom of diabetes. An irregularity in the organs, muscles, or nerves involved in urination can cause incontinence or other urinary problems that may also result in bed-wetting.

Is bedwetting a sign of anxiety?

There are many myths such as - kids do bedwetting because they are lazy, they wouldn’t try hard to stop it. And that anxiety lead to stress which causes bedwetting. Moreover, behavior in which child is involved after stress can worse the problem of bedwetting. This problem could be resolved by keeping few things in mind include - avoiding high salt diet, emptying the bladder at night, no to fluids intake before bedtime.

Bedwetting occurs in kids who are in deep sleep. To overcome from this condition, parents should support their kids, don’t punish your kids for wetting bed, reward kid for dry nights, urge kids to do what other kids do like going for camping.

At what age is bedwetting abnormal?

Maximum number of kids get fully toilet trained by the age of 5. But it is seen in many kids that they don’t found continence by the age of 7. In such condition it’s been better to consult a doctor if your kid started wetting the bed after few months of being dry night or in some conditions snoring, hard stools, red or pink urine along with painful urination.

There are few more causes of bedwetting such as a small bladder, hormone imbalance, diabetes, constipation, urinary tract infection, inable to recognize full bladder, sleep apnea, family history could also be a cause for bedwetting as well.

Is bedwetting inherited?

According to few experts in majority of population, problem of bedwetting is inherited. In such condition you can do following things include -

  1. Medications
  2. Bladder stretching exercises
  3. Bed wetting alarm
  4. Covering mattress with plastic
  5. Avoid fluid intake before bed

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