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Anti-Aging Skin Treatment

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Here we just clean the area to be treated with normal alcohol and Betadine. And we are almost ready for the treatment. It takes less than a minute to complete small area. Deepak are you ready? If it is painful, please let me know, you will feel little brick kind of sensation and let us see how painful and uncomfortable it is. We are taking care only on the lines. So whatever deep lines or deep muscles are there, we will inject only in those areas. It gives the relaxing effect on the muscles. In case you are more sensitive to pain or you are feeling uncomfortable, you can always opt for a higher amount of numbing. Some of the physicians may like to mark the area before just to show you the ease of treatment. So all the lines which come up while smiling or talking will be softened. Remember they will be softened, they will not go away. Within the period of 3-4 days, you can start noticing the change here. The muscles get lighter.

Now we have done with the small area of the treatment. The patient's expressions will be reserved. You will still be able to express. The face will move normally, there will be nothing abnormal, the lines will gradually be softened. It is totally dependent on how the procedure is done. If we over do it, the expression will be frozen and it will look little hard and strange. This totally depends on the patients and the doctors and how much you want to achieve. We can have normal expressions which will look softer and better. So it is very important for the patient to discuss it clearly with the doctor. Some patients need completely frozen looks. But personally, I am very conservative while doing the treatment and recommend a smaller amount. I always tell my patients that you can always add more salt in the dish after cooking rather than putting too much salt while cooking.

Based on this, we will discuss how breathing techniques help to relax the lines in a truly holistic manner for treating the lines on the face. So here is our another patient. The concerned topic is the lines between the forehead which can easily be relaxed by a simple shot here. Not only that, along with the treatment, the reason for these are called worry lines is because of some worry underlines which causes the lines. So, lines e can take care by the shots but the worry part has to be sorted holistically. For that, we will talk about the breathing technique that we recommend patients so that the effects of the treatment lasts longer. Sometimes even without these treatments patient can benefit with just the breathing technique, the lines get significantly softer.

So let us see how it works and how simple the procedure is?

So we put one needle prick on the big muscles which cause lines. One needle prick on the muscles that hold it down. So it is not at all painful as you can hear from the patient itself. Within 6-7 days, we will start seeing the changes and we will post you a picture on the websites also.

If you want further information, you can contact me through Lybrate.

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