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Acne: How To Get Rid Of Them?

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I am Dr. Kapil Chandra practicing at Pitampura location at Chandra clinic. So we all see many of our friends and relatives with Acne. And acne is a very common problem. It is a very long-term tiring problem because it starts at the age of 11-12 years and it continues till 25-30 years of age. So usually we guys tend to shy away with the treatment and we know it is very tiring as every time we take the treatment they will become better and when we leave it, it happens again. So what is the nutshell? how do we treat it? how does it happens ? The most important part to treat acne is not to get a scar because if you get the scar, no matter what laser I do, no matter what peel I do, we will not be able to completely take it off.

We can only be able to reduce it. So important is that we need to prevent the scars and that is that's why we need to treat the acne and we have to put you on the maintenance phase over the period because every time you get treated for Acne you might need something or the other to maintain it so that your face remains better and eventually you have a glowing and scarless face. The main causes of acne are dietary habits, hormonal changes, excess of oil production. So we should concentrate on our lifestyle because having a good lifestyle will reduce the acne. Over the period we should take more of water, more of fruits, less of oil, less of sugar, less of milk, less of junk food that will help us reducing a little acne.

These are not the main culprits. Your hormonal changes or excessive oil production is also hampering the acne so we should be using a mild cleanser because over excessive cleansing of face will increase acne over the period. Using a very gentle cleanser and try to consult your Dermatologist as soon as possible because he or she may be able to take care of your acne and preventing the acne scars. Also do not poke your acne again and again because that will cover the period leave marks and will cause more deep scars and more facial undulations. Also we need to concentrate that exercising on a daily routine will help us overall controlling our acne- maintaining our weight, do not go on a very high calorie diet and do not have a very higher weight because that will tend to cause more of acne.

So in nutshell what we shall be doing acne is- we should have a healthy lifestyle. We should be taking healthy food and again we should be consulting our Dermatologist nearby or anyone so that he or she can help you in preventing the scars and also preventing the marks coming up. That is the main thing we should treat acne to prevent the scars because once the scars come we cannot treat/take it away completely or otherwise with laser or any treatment can reduce it.

Thank you very much!

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