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6 Myths About Skin Care Products

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Dr. Arvind Kumar 93% (81 ratings)
MD - Dermatology, MBBS
Dermatologist,  •  19 years experience
6 Myths About Skin Care Products

People who have been using different kinds of skin care products have got a lot of misconceptions. Those misconceptions need to be removed otherwise you will never be able to choose the right skin care cosmetics for yourself.

6 top misconceptions about skin-care products

  1. Costly products are the best: There are many fellows who think that if the skin care products are costly, then they must be equipped with greater effectiveness. In fact, this is one of the leading reasons that most people are currently choosing only costly products without knowing that it can be one of the business strategies of the popular brands.
  2. Latest products are effective: Currently invented products are always good and this is quite an age-old conception, but this is not true at all. But nobody tries to understand the reality and rather goes by the trend in order to prove the myth to be true. As per the researchers, it has been found that there are many traditional products that are pretty good than the modern ones. But the young generation is not ready to accept this fact, and this is the reason they are suffering like anything.
  3. Younger look can be assured by creams: Only application of a fairness cream can give a fair complexion is a very wrong conception. Ageing effects can be definitely reduced to a great extent, but cannot be eliminated at all and this is a hardcore fact, whether you accept it or not. On the other hand, you have to choose only selective creams having vitamin-c serums, hydroxyl acids and others.
  4. Cosmetic companies make intricate researches: Though all reputed cosmetic companies say that they conduct researches intricately for making the creams more improved, but have you ever tried to know the reality? Nice packaging and great fragrance do not mean that the products are the outcome of deep researches.
  5. Organic creams are safe: Creams having natural ingredients are definitely safe, but how will you come to know that the mentioned ingredients have been added or not? If natural ingredients are good for skin, then you can try the homemade recipes. Hence, why purchase readymade creams having the same ingredients? The answers are still quite controversial and thus, people are pretty confused in taking their decisions.
  6. Cream is the easiest option: Even if creams are having all the necessary ingredients needed for skin health, still they neither compete nor can take the place of healthy foods in reality.
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