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4 Ways To Manage When IVF Fails!

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4 Ways To Manage When IVF Fails!

IVF is the most common way to treat infertility but even this technique does not guarantee success. In many cases, a cycle of IVF can end without a successful pregnancy. There are many reasons for this. Whatever be the cause, an IVF failure is a very stressful time and can be painful for both partners.

Here are a few tips on how to bounce back after an IVF cycle fails.

  • Take a break: It is never advisable to start another IVF cycle immediately after an unsuccessful IVF cycle. Along with being physically ready to conceive a child, you must also be mentally ready. Hence, take a little time off. Reconnect with your partner and build your mental and emotional strength. Meditation and yoga can be very helpful in strengthening your mind and coming to terms with your emotions.
  • Don’t play the blame game: It is very tempting to find a person to pin the blame on. However, in reality, there are a million things that could go wrong and beyond a certain point, many of these factors cannot be controlled. For the woman, it is also very important not to blame oneself. It is not your fault that the pregnancy did not go as planned.
  • Build a support system: Ideally, before you begin the IVF cycle, find someone who has gone through it before and who will be by your side. This person will not ask questions about the process and will understand what you are going through. A good support system can also help alleviate stress. If you do not know someone who has undergone IVF treatment in your neighbourhood, consider joining an online support group.
  • Focus on yourself: Understand that a failed IVF cycle does not mean that you can never become a parent. It only means that this was not the right time for you. Hence, focus on the road ahead. The first step towards this is to focus on yourself. Strengthen your mind and body with a proper diet, regular exercise and a healthy sleep cycle. This will increase your chances of a success the next time you start an IVF cycle. Give yourself time to detox from all the medication you have been on. This helps the body go back to its normal state and eliminate all traces of the drugs taken during the treatment process. By doing this you are helping your body prepare itself for a future IVF cycle.
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