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3 Dimension RCT

Dr. Swasti Jain 89% (242 ratings)
Dentist, Ghaziabad India  •  10 years experience
3 Dimension RCT

Thrill to fill

3-dimensional obturation/filling in root canal treatment (RCT)

Root canals are now painless, faster and more accurate with latest rotary devices and 3 dimension filling system. Least failure and better prognosis of the tooth.

Why remove when we can save?

There is a myth among all people that a dentist is confined to 32 teeth and he doesn’t know other medical knowledge but I want to share some points with you:

  • Dentistry is a specialty which involves oral cavity and surrounding structures (similar to skin, ent, etc)
  • It doesn’t deal only with 32 teeth
  • A dentist is a surgeon
  • A dentist deals with all the diseases with oral manifestations
  • No other speciality in medicine has been further divided into specialities
  • A dentist is an anaesthetist (he gives anesthesia for many procedures)
  • A dentist is a radiographer (he takes the x-ray of his patients himself)
  • A dentist is a children’s specialist (he is the only surgeon who can make children to sit for a surgery without general anesthesia)
  • A dentist deals with oral cancer (he knows to take biopsy. Oral cancer tops the various other cancers which occur in humans)
  • A dentist is an bone specialist he deals with double joint i. E temporomandibular joint which is only one double joint in the body
  • A dentist deals with trigeminal neuralgia so a neurologist
  • A dentist knows the aids symptoms which manifest mainly in oral cavity
  • As a surgeon he knows how to control bp and sugar so a diabetologist
  • He makes smiles and helps to make love

Happy dentists day to all my dentist friends!

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