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10 Things To Know Before Piles Surgery

Dr. Anup Patki 88% (93 ratings)
M.B.B.S, DNB - General Surgery, Fellowship of Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endo Surgeons (FIAGES), FMAS.Laparoscopy, Fellowship in Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery ( International)
General Surgeon, Surat  •  12 years experience
10 Things To Know Before Piles Surgery

10 things to know before piles surgery

The advice below is offered to help you think ahead about what you will need before, during and after your procedure

  1. Do you have bleeding while passing stool ?
    • It is most common presenting complains of people suffering from piles
    •  Other reasons can be fissure /inflammatory bowel disease / cancer
    • Do not assume your disease. Consult a  general surgeon
  2. Do you have pain while passing stool ?
    • Most of patient will not have pain.
    • If you have pain there may be underlying fissure which needs to be treated as well
  3. Do you have constipation ?
    • Constipation is one of precipitating factors to develop piles
  4. Do all piles need treatment ?
    • No. Grade 1 , asymtopatic piles can be managed with medical treatment
    • Grade 2 / 3 / 4 piles need surgical treatment
  5. What happens if piles remains untreated ?
    • It can lead to chronic undiagnosed anemia and weakness requiring blood transfusion
    • It can cause complications like thrombosis and portal pyemia
  6. Medical treatment of piles ?
    • Only indicated for grade 1 , asymptomatic patient
  7. Surgical treatment of piles ?
    • It is advisable to get grade 2 /3 /4 piles treated surgically
    • Surgical treatment usually includes stapper (miph) , laser or open surgery
  8. Stappler v/s laser v/s open surgery ?
    • Open surgery : Less costly but takes longer time to recover and return to work
    • MIPH / Stappler:  Costly but faster recovery and early return to work
    • Laser : Only indicated in selected patients
  9. Recovery after surgery ?
    • Depends on type of surgery
    • For open surgery minimum 15 days
    • For miph surgery only 2-4 days
  10. Preventive care ?
    • Prevent straining while defecation
    • Consult doctor at early symptoms
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