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10 Common Ailments Yoga Can Treat!

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10 Common Ailments Yoga Can Treat!

It is reasonable to say that you can remain free from all illnesses, if you practice yoga asanas frequently. Moreover, in case you have a specific illness, a healthy cure for that illness may be found with the practice of regular yoga. All things considered, yoga has been practiced over the ages and includes a cure for many conditions without utilising any medications.

Yoga can cure numerous common ailments like asthma and arthritis if practiced frequently. Yoga cannot cure diabetes, yet it is helpful in controlling the glucose in the body to a great level. There are different yoga asanas that are cures for lower back pain and acid reflux. Here is how yoga cures some common ailments:

  1. AsthmaThe main practical cure for asthma lies in yoga. Inhalers can spare your life when you get an asthma attack; however, for a long-term cure, you need to rehearse pranayam and anulom-vulom.
  2. Diabetes: It is one of the most common illnesses on the planet. You cannot generally cure insulin resistance; however, some yoga asanas like the triangle posture (trikonasana) can control your glucose levels.
  3. High blood pressureIt can be caused because of various reasons. It is a condition that can be cured just by following a consistent routine of reflective yoga asanas like pranayam.
  4. Acid reflux: Indigestion is not only an illness but also a pandemic among working people nowadays. You can cure acid reflux by practicing some of the yoga postures like shavasana.
  5. Headache: Migraine and headaches are frequently brought on by insufficient blood supply to the brain. Attempt the yoga postures like sirsasana or a headstand to cure headaches or migraines as opposed to taking medicines.
  6. Back pain or lower back pain: It has turned into a common condition among the working class and individuals even undergo surgery to stop the pain. Attempt yoga postures like tadasana or the tree posture.
  7. Joint inflammation or arthritis: Arthritis is an ailment that causes serious joint pain. However, yoga can control the amount of pain brought on because of joint inflammation. Attempt the surya namaskar as a flexible approach to cure arthritis.
  8. Liver problemsLiver issues can go from minor ingestion to the extreme greasy liver disorder. To keep your liver sound, try some extremely basic yoga postures that may increase the blood circulation in the belly. The stretching posture is a great illustration.
  9. DepressionYoga is one of the best and most powerful cures for depression. If you would prefer not to be reliant on antidepressants and dozing pills, attempt yoga asanas like uttanasana.
  10. Poly cystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS): It is one of the most common problems that is troubling young women nowadays. The side effects are irregular periods, and it can even lead to infertility. So attempt yoga postures like the body stance to cure ovarian cysts without medications or surgery.

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