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Ayurvedic Treatment For Kidney Failure

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Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney-failure

Why ayurveda is better?

Ayurveda is an ancient Hindu medicinal practice for managing your health ailments. It is based on the theory that a balance between mind, body, and spirit leads to good health. Ayurvedic study originated in India, however today it’s practiced across the globe. The branch of Ayurveda is holistic in nature, i.e. it is not just concerned with the symptoms of disease but takes into account a lot more factors, for example, the conditions of mind, body, and soul. The belief behind Ayurvedic science is that there are three doshas, or body types known as pitta, vata, and kapha respectively. The aim of Ayurveda treatment is to balance these doshas. If a person has any unbalanced dosha, he/she will show physical or emotional characteristics attributed to that element which is dominant in the individual. Many ayurvedic practitioners also integrate yoga to align the doshas in the center of the body.

How Ayurvedic Treatment Works Against Kidney Failure

According to Ayurveda, kidney failure is caused due to blockage of body channels called srotas, which are responsible for the flow of liquid into and out of the kidneys. If there is any sort of blockage in incoming channels, then shrinkage occur since kidneys are denied fluids. However, if there is blockage in the outgoing channels, swelling take place. Ayurvedic treatment has been proved exceptionally powerful in treating kidney disease. It works sympathetically to eliminate kidney problems and helps in restoring the health of damaged kidney cells. Ayurvedic medicine uses herbal preparations and enhances the functioning of kidneys. It offers treatment for all stages of renal problems.

Types of Ayurvedic Medications for Kidney Failure 

There are very effective herbs used in Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure that helps rejuvenate the kidneys by restoring the filtration capacity and improving the overall functioning of the kidneys. This line of treatment can eliminate the risk of kidney failure and the need for dependency upon dialysis. You can have a look on some of the important ayurvedic treatment below.


Punarnava maintains the level of fluids in the cells to aid in the healthy flow of urine. Regular use of this ayurvedic medicine treats kidney failure and also revitalizes the whole body. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Punarnava reduces swelling in the feet and joints effectively.


This is among the most effective remedy for managing all sorts of kidney problems. Kaasni works best for kidney failure complications caused due to respiratory system.


Varun is a very powerful herb and treats kidney failure from its root. It also helps against kidney stones by decreasing the body’s construction of oxalate and deactivating the glycolate oxidase enzyme.


This ayurvedic herb treats urinary problems caused due to kidney failure caused by renal infections and urinary discharges.


This is the best Ayurvedic herb for the functioning of kidneys and eradicates symptoms of kidney failure.
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Symptoms of kidney failure

A person may experience signs and symptoms like:

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Anemia
  • Body swelling
  • Skin itch
  • Increased or decreased urination
  • Mental confusion
  • Loss of appetite
  • Shivering sensation
  • Shortened breath
  • Blood in the urine

Consequences of Self Medication of Ayurvedic Medicine For Kidney Failure

There are many undesirable effects that can arise from Ayurvedic supplements, primarily because of improper use. Most of the ayurvedic medicines are over the counter drug, hence people who self-medicate without fully understanding the risks and recommendations can suffer from adverse effects. The most commonly reported side effects of Ayurvedic medicines and supplements are gastrointestinal upset, headaches, diarrhea and allergies. In some cases, there may be a problem of toxicity in the ayurvedic formulation that can lead to poisoning.

Top Ayurvedic Doctors For Piles

Though Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure appears to be safe and effective, it’s necessary to weigh your choices. It is suggested to carefully consider both the risks and benefits associated with ayurvedic treatments. Talk to your doctor or medical practitioner before taking any ayurvedic preparation. You can book an appointment with a top ayurvedic doctor of your city through the medium of Lybrate for trusted advice from the experienced medical experts.
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Q1. Can Ayurveda reverse kidney failure?

In most of the cases, the damage caused by kidney failure can be either partly or fully reversed. Ayurveda helps by treating damaged kidney tissues and reducing the frequency of dialysis. Thus, Ayurvedic medications have the potential to reverse kidney failure from all the stages of the condition.

Q2. Can kidney problems reoccur after taking Ayurvedic treatment?

Once the course of ayurvedic treatment is complete, kidney disorders generally don’t reoccur in the majority of patients. However, both time for recovery as well as the power of recuperation from illness may differ from one patient to another.

Q3. Will my condition most noticeably bad during Ayurvedic treatment?

Even in patients suffering from the convoluted case of kidney failure, the condition won’t turn about to be extremely bad amid Ayurvedic treatment. Rather, ayurvedic treatment will help in bringing out an effective change in the patient’s condition in terms of dialysis frequency.

Q4. Does Ayurvedic treatment offer a 100% success rate for kidney failure?

Ayurveda is proven to be a long-lasting treatment for some of the complex ailments. However, the success rate also relies on the severity of the patient’s condition. It has been observed that patients have recovered from an extreme case of kidney failure when ayurvedic medications are used in combination with planned diet.

Q5. Is it safe to take Ayurvedic treatment for kidney Failure with other types of treatment?

Patients will face no harmful consequence if they proceed with ayurvedic supplements along with their current treatment. No adverse effects have been reported if herbal ayurvedic medicines are consumed during the course of any other treatment. However, it is suggested that one must stick to only one type of medications and any adjustment in the doses should be discussed with the doctor.