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How to increase immunity by simple precautions

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How to increase immunity by simple precautions
How to increase immunity by simple precautions

As People peak about immunity low means what?:scientifically food and air which you are n contact play a big role,that's why traditionally also previously people used to say say avoid this or that in some season or depends on the type of persoanlity or change the environment if doesnot suits you;

But now with proper expert immunologist we can identify which foods are causing low immunity or which are indoor or outdoor factors with soem spcific tests causing increase in one Th2 cells which lower Th1 cells which are resposnible for immunity.

after diagnosis simp[le precaustions for few months and there are immunotherapy to increase the immunity against the foods or environmental factors at home or outside which will have permanent immunity against those and there is no ned of changing the place too or stopping the food permanently

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