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Blood Pregnancy Test

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Blood Pregnancy Test

If you think you might be pregnant, but you are not sure about the results and reliability of home pregnancy test, or you want to know if you are pregnant, but it is too early for a urine test, you may consider the blood pregnancy test. These tests are taken at doctor's clinic. A laboratory tests your blood to detect hCG. These tests are more sensitive than the home pregnancy test. Blood pregnancy test can pick up the low concentration of hCG compared to a home pregnancy test and helps to identify pregnancy status, baby health, and problems.

Types of blood pregnancy test: There are two types of blood pregnancy tests. Qualitative hCG blood serum tests check to see if hCG is present in your blood or not. A positive result means you are pregnant and a negative result means you are not pregnant. It just gives "yes" or "no" answer about your pregnancy. Quantitative hCG blood serum tests check both the presence and quantity of hCG present in the blood. It detects even very low level of hCG which helps to determine whether the pregnancy is normal and healthy, and problems like ectopic pregnancy may be detected with this test.

"Blood pregnancy tests have a 99% accuracy rate, so they are almost always accurate. Relatively, they are more accurate than a home pregnancy test. The qualitative test only answers "yes" or "no", while the quantitative test measures quantity of hCG and help to identify the pregnancy status and problems if any. In many cases, the choice between blood and urine pregnancy test is based on convenience, cost, and accuracy. The blood pregnancy test helps to monitor and detect pregnancy problems."

Home pregnancy test or blood test? Like many of fertility and pregnancy questions, there is no straightforward answer to this question. Both determine if you are pregnant or not, but the choice might depend on factors like convenience, expense, accuracy and your fertility history. When deciding if you should use a home pregnancy test or have a blood pregnancy test done at the lab, there are few items to consider like convenience, cost, and accuracy. Many times, the blood pregnancy test is preferred to remove uncertainty in home pregnancy test and acts as a confirmatory test to detect pregnancy. In case of fertile histories like miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy in the past, the doctor generally monitors hCG levels closely in first several weeks of pregnancy. If hCG levels do not rise appropriately in those very early days, it can signal a problem with the pregnancy. Neither a qualitative blood test nor an HPT allows this type of monitoring, as they do not reveal exact amounts of hCG, and cannot determine if levels are increasing appropriately.

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