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Jumpers Knee

Jumpers Knee

Jumpers knee( patellar tendonitis) is pain in the tendon which attaches the kneecap or patella to the top of the shin bone or tibia this condition is due to mucoid degeneration of the patellar tendon.


pain at the bottom front of the kneecap and while contracting the quadriceps muscles.


Aching and stiffness after exercise

The affected tendon may appear larger than the unaffected side.

Jumpers knee can be categorised into four grades of injury:

Grade 1: Pain only after training

Grade 2: Pain before and after training but pain eases once warmed-up Grade

3: Pain during training which limits your performance

Grade 4: Pain during every day activities

Jumpers knee treatment

anti-inflammatory medication e.g. ibuprofen
eletrotherapy :-Ultrasound & laser therapy
knee support


stretching exercises:-

Quadriceps stretch
Wearing a knee support
Hip flexor stretch
strengthening exercises :-
statis quadricep exercise
single leg extension
eccentric squats
step exercise
If the knee does not respond to conservative treatment, surgery may be required.
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