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Control you Stress Naturally, Before it kills you !!!

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Control you Stress Naturally, Before it kills you !!!

Stress !!!!!

           Continuing your life with Stress may destroy all your positive thoughts and Physical  health,  If Your antidepressants demanding its continuity for log time, subsequently increasing their strength may alarming of further worsen the condition.  

Stress disorder may be diagnosed in patients who lived through or witnessed a traumatic event to which they responded with intense fear, horror and helplessness, this may leads to so many Neurological and Psychological disorders.

Please don’t take any extreme steps, since our life is a great gift of God, so we don’t have rights to end it.  If you feel any initial symptoms, Follow this basic steps to overcome from all of your Stress and Anxiety. :

(1) Think and feel always in positive way ( as learning process), If you’re not able to reach the need.(goal).

(2) Follow some simple advice of your parents, wife, husband or elders. whomsoever you feel as real well-wishers.

(3) Problems your facing may not really bigger than others facing in this world and try to follow their way handling.

(4) Spend some time with needy people ( it may need not to be monetary wise only, even can be a simple service make them to happy) and you will get some satisfaction.

(5) Try to love your god as much as possible and feel his kindness.

Still you not able to reach your stress less life, Better consult some good Natural healer. I believe Traditional Acupuncture ( through experienced Healer) may provide better results on this all Psychological issues.  I have been treating many people, who are suffering by this psychological problems.

Feel free to ask any query regard these issues. Healer Nazir Sheriff , contact     or follow this link :  

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