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Fix It With Foods!

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Boost your good cholesterol 

HDL is often called “good cholesterol,”but really it’s great: for every point you add to your score, you get a 2 to 3 percent drop in your risk of heart disease. Cholesterol-cutting statins aren’t particularly effective at raising HDL- but, happily, new research shows you can crank level up by eating these foods.

Dark chocolate

In a recent study, volunteers who ate 100 grams of gark chocolate (the grourmet of that’s 70 per cent cocoa) every day for a week raised their HDL by 9 percent. That’s a load of chocolate (about 550 calories worth! ) but study so-author Dr. Paul A. Gurbel, says eating smaller daily does (say, 15 grams) over an extended period of time should also help.


HDL rise 4 percent in adults who ate two 115 gram servings af salmon a week for four weeks, according to a us university study. Other fatty fish-mackerel, herring or sardines should deliver similar benefits, researches say.


they needn’t be fresh, just plentiful: HDL levels rise 5 percent when adults ate about a cup of frozen berries a day for eight weeks.


Healthy adults who ate a whole egg every day for 12 weeks increased HDL as much as 48 percent in a study from thailand. Eggs are rich in lecithin- which, animal studies have shown, raise HDL.

Nuts about pistachios               

Pistachios are a good source of protein and fiber. But pista has an advantage- being low in both calories and fat it is one of the fact that nutrition experts endorse it is the “skinny nut.” a single pista has just three calories!                         

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