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Psoriasis - Have Homeopathy At Your Rescue!

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Psoriasis - Have Homeopathy At Your Rescue!

Skin conditions can be difficult to live with and psoriasis is considered to be one of the most scarring skin disorders, both physically and mentally. Psoriasis leads to scale-like formation on the skin, which is accompanied by redness and inflammation of the skin. The scales have a silvery appearance and tend to develop on the feet, neck, hands, face and scalp.

Causes for Psoriasis:

The primary cause for psoriasis is the body’s immune system. Since it is an autoimmune disorder, the white blood cells in the body start to attack the skin cells which in turn lead to the condition. This causes the body to form new skin cells at a very fast pace and these extra skin cells pile up over the healthy skin, giving the silvery appearance.

Apart from the autoimmune response, psoriasis may also be hereditary in some cases. If someone in your immediate family suffers from the disease, it is quite likely that it may be passed on to you as well. However, only 2 to 3 percent people who have a genetic predisposition for the condition, end up suffering from the same.

Symptoms of Psoriasis:

Common symptoms for the skin disorder include the formation of inflamed patchy skin which may have a silvery appearance. The area beside it may become red. Some people also experience dry skin, which have a propensity to crack and bleed. Swollen and painful joints are another symptom associated with psoriasis along with excessively thick nails.

However, it is important to remember that not every person suffering from the condition will undergo each of these symptoms. Furthermore, the symptoms appear in cycles. This means that these symptoms may be severe at one point of time and may clear off the next day. However, the condition usually recurs after a few days or weeks. At this point of time, there is no permanent cure for the disease, even though treatments are available.

Why should you seek homeopathic treatment for psoriasis?

Conventional treatment is usually the preferred form of remedy for psoriasis, but the medication used in such treatment may result in several adverse side effects. Homeopathic treatments, on the other hand, have been successful in reducing the flares related to the condition.

Homeopathy looks to maintain the entire well-being of the person suffering from the skin disorder and not just treat the symptoms of psoriasis. While such treatment does not cure the condition per se, it does help keep the condition managed.

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