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Causes And Solution for Acne Scar!

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Causes And Solution for Acne Scar!

What causes acne?

  1. Hormonal imbalance

Women tend to suffer from fluctuating hormones during:-


**Menopause, pre menopause, during pregnancy

*Discontinuing or starting birth control pills

These are one of the primary causes of acne.

  1. Dietary imbalance

Consuming a lot of junk and sugary food is not the only cause of acne. Eating an imbalanced diet, ignoring the nutrient value while having a meal and consuming a lot of refined carbs can also trigger breakouts. 

  1. Stress

Stress is a big cause of acne. What it also does is trigger the already persisting issue and make it worse. So keeping yourself calm and stress free in any situation is important to keep the acne away.

4.  Family history

Some people may have a genetical disposition for acne. People with parents, siblings or any close genetically related family member with acne have a higher chance of having the breakouts themselves.

5. Unknown medical condition

There could be a possibility that the underlying root cause is an undiagnosed disease. Once the disease is diagnosed and treated - the acne may start to disappear. 

6. Side effects of a medication

Acne may get triggered as a form of side effect of a medicine that one is taking. So always take the advice of a doctor before starting any medication.

Solution to Acne Scar

  1. Cleansing your face and removing oil and dirt from your face at least twice a day.
  2. Have a balanced diet that is rich in fibre and eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  3. Increase your water intake as that would flush out the toxins.
  4. Use cosmetics that are non-comedogenic (don't clog pores) or non-acnegenic (don’t cause breakouts).
  5. Have adequate sleep of 8 hours every day to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind and will help you curb stress.
  6. Take treatments that suit your problem. 
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