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Can mouthwash be replaced with smearing toothpaste over our teeth and then rinsing? since our teeth just needs fluoride and mouthwash is most probably a product created by marketing.

17 Doctors Answered
Hi, Using a mouthwash that contains fluoride can help prevent tooth decay, but don't use mouthwash straight after brushing your teeth. Choose a different time, such as after lunch. And don't eat or drink for 30 minutes after using a fluoride mouthwash. Mouthwash reaches back of the mouth and surfaces where a toothbrush or floss cannot. Loosens and removes food particles lodged in between spaces, thereby acting as floss. They also contain an active ingredient that protects against some oral diseases. Though mouthwash takes less than a minute, it can have a major and positive impact on dental health. Hence, people must include mouthwash in their oral care regimen. You can successfully avoid the onset of dental problems. And lastly till date marketing has not take over health care yet....... regards Dr.Sha.Perveez Azher
A toothpaste cannot be the replacement for a mouthwash. There are areas in between the teeth, where your brush and paste cannot reach. Forceful swishing of the mouthwash in the mouth causes these in between spaces to be cleaned and also fluoridated. I hope that answers your question. Thank You!
Can u just apply salt on your tongue and ask you cook to give you food with out salt???? i hope you got your answer
No mouthwash is not sufficient it is additional its mechanical action of toothbrush most important. Colgate total is a good fluoride paste
Its especially for interdental areas,moreover you are not supposed to rinse with water after you swishing with mouth wash,but its not the case with tooth paste.kindly note NONE OF THE MOUTH WASHES should be used daily unless prescribed. I recommend weekly thrice .in india, marketing/advertisement s made you think that way!
Both toothpaste and mouthwash has their own pros and cons in terms of maintaining oral hygiene. Both is a separate entity and can't replace the other. Toothpaste is basically an emulsion with abrasive used to mechanically remove the dental plaque. Mouthwash is mainly advantageous to infiltrate hard to reach place and inhibit bacterial proliferation. I would suggest use both alongside flossing and every biannually dental check up to maintain good oral hygiene
No u cant...bcz ur toothpaste cant reach to dat extent whre ir mouthwash can secondly any toothpaste doesnt contain chlorhexidiene which is needed as antibacterial antiseptic n it prevents halitosis dat iz foul odour from oral cavity...
No. .its not possible..bcz mouthwash is in liquid for and it goes in between tooth as well as below the gums where a toothpaste can never reach so smearing toothpaste is not a substitute of mouthwash.
Mouthwash and toothpastes are two sides of same coin which are used to keep teeth and gums healthy BUT they both have totally different effect on gums and teeth.. Tell you why 1st of all floridated toothpastes are used to decrease the rate of cavity formation in teeth. 2nd toothpastes are just needed to reduce the friction created while brushing. most of the people ask me mam what toothpaste should we use. the answer is, be it any toothpaste, if the brushing technique is npt proper, its of no use as toothpaste is just reducing friction and 90% work is done by toothbrush Now we come to mouthwash Mouthwash has the function of reducing bacterial flora in our mouth. it has an bacteriostatic ( which prevents growth of bacteria) and bacteriocidal ( which kills bacterias) effect. so if you are buying any mouthwash which generally contains flouride which isnt the major component. mouthwash can never replace toothpaste AND teeth just doesnt need flouride, they need more than that..:-)
Teeth do not need fluoride.Brushing properly with paste is to remove soft plaque deposits that remain on teeth after eating.just like you need to clean your plate after food is eaten, you just cant wash with water.Fluoride is used as prevenyive measure .But if plaque is left over,you are inviting germs for party on your teeth.
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Hi, Mouthwash is containing not only fluoride but other antimicrobial ingredient also..moreover u cant brush all the places u visit..ya of course u have to brush twice daily which cant b replaced by mouthwash..
Special mouthwash may require to reduce sensitivity and during orthodontic treatment
Not quite. A mouthwash will generally have an antimirobial/ something to fight plaque included in it such as Triclosan or Chlorhexidine. Plus it goes in all areas of mouth some of which may not be accessible by a brush.
No....toothpaste is only option for better cleaning as brushing with paste helps to remove plaque/soft deposits & accumulated soft,stcky food .
Wrong concept.teeth dont need only fluoride.nor do mouthwashes have only fluoride.neither pastes r made of only fluoride.
First of all, a mouthwash has to be used for a reason. And only be prescribed by your dentist. Its not a very good practice to just randomly buy a mouthwash and start using it. And if a mouthwash is prescribed, it should be used because it reaches to those spaces in-between your teeth and gums where the toothpaste can reach.
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